Check Out The New Perez Hilton After Losing 80 Pounds!

Earlier this week, Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton guest hosted on The Talk, filling in for Sharon Osbourne, where he talked about his body transformation (and lifestyle for that matter). Since back in January of 2008, Perez made a decision to be healthier, and since then, he’s been holding himself accountable by taking a shirtless picture of himself every 4th of July and sharing it with his readers. This year, he also shared his photos via In Touch Weekly, and it’s quite the transformation!

Since 2008, Perez has lost a whopping 80 pounds! Looking at himself in the mirror now he thinks, “I would do me”. LOL. The results were achieved slow and steady over the past three years, starting by changing his eating habits. He continues to eat healthy, he doesn’t drink too much, and now says he works out 7 days a week through various different activities.

In the current issue of In Touch Weekly, Perez chats about loose skin, dating, and how he got healthy without spending a lot of money. Definitely give him props. Last year, he made a conscious effort to stop being such a bully on his blog. So I guess now he’s “lost the hate AND the weight”! See the new Perez below!

Wowza! Such a change – he’s even wearing speedos! (Photos by Caroline Greyshock for In Touch)

Here you can clearly see the before and after. Hard work pays off!

Again, you see it here! He’s not even the same person!

He’s clearly so much more confident in his body.

Props to Perez on his commitment and hard work. Losing weight and making the lifestyle changes he’s made isn’t easy either. Glad he’s sharing his story to inspire others.

  • Mike

    wow! Good for him….is it me or doesn’t he look like Steve-O from Jackass now?

  • Celia

    I have an observation and I am sure many of you will agree…once a fat disgusting person always a fat disgusting person. You can lose the weight but your brain chemistry and thoughts will be that of a fat man. Even with the weight loss his body is still disgusting and gross so congratulations are definitely not in order more like put some clothes on and spare the world your struggle to be skinny and normal like the rest of us. It is so unfortunate that he would subject us to his pale, flacid body. so sick…

  • Tyrell

    Whoa Celia, why you gotta hate on someone who made a conscious effort to eat well and get healthy. He should be allowed to celebrate in that. Unless you are a fitness model with a banging body and the most incredible personality, there is no need for you to judge.

  • Wow, Celia Needs to chill.

    Congrats to Perez, great job! A couple of drinks and I would do him too.

  • N.

    Don’t be mean Celia.
    “Spare the world your struggle to be skinny and normal like the rest of us”

    Wow, you’re clearly a VERY nice person! I hope you don’t have children or else they are gonna be very low self esteem kids.

  • Michelle

    OMG you look amazingly fabulous! I”m so happy and so proud of you! ! lots of love and congrats

  • Brad

    Celia is miserable with her own life, hence d hatred oozing out of her! So proud of u Perez. Unless u have a medical issue, Obesity is NEVER an option ;o)

  • Rob

    I feel like I’ve just been blindsided. How have I not seen a picture of Perez in three years?

  • Ed

    he’s still ugly even after the weight lost!

  • Jérémy

    I don’t really like him but I must admit, that’s a great change 🙂 He looks so good now! And it takes a lot of commitment to make those changes! Good for him! Oh and for the people like Celia, stop being bitter and go eat some chips XD

  • Andre00x

    He lost weight. Which means he’ll finally get laid. I still don’t find him sincere though. Congrats!

  • travisj

    From his website I never really liked him, I thought he was bitter and angry at the world and turned his frustration on everyone else. Now I can say that I am proud of him, he clearly made the changes he needed to become a proud confident man and to me that is sexy. He realized the changes he needed to make with his website and his body. Success ! CELIA it looks like no one agrees with you, now put down the cheetos and quit trolling the net to make fun of people and do a little working out yourself,especially your mentality. People are to always be forgiven not deflated b/c you feel like crap about yourself.

  • Annie

    Wow! Way to go Perez!

  • Devin Young

    I agree 100% with Celia. Perez HilTUN is nothing but a self-indulgent scumbag that makes his living writing insults on photos of other people. He spends more time promoting himself and ‘trying’ to be a star. He’s the reason why gays cannot get married in this country. He’s an insult to the LGBT community.

  • Paul

    He had a bigger dick when he was fat! What happened? Let’s just see where he is in 5 yrs. Then we’ll talk

  • jaime

    Personally, I don’t like the guy.

    I do however, admire his determination to get in shape.

    I suspect there’s a lot of jealous folks out there that wish they could do the same.

    At the same time, I’m sure his income pays for some serious trainers that don’t take crap about being “too tired’ to work out.

  • Betortita

    I think he’s so superficial, he always gave me a bad image and even when he “changed” still gives me a bad image, I mean he’s the wort stereotype of the gay man: gossip, girly, superficial, the “hey look at me” kind f person, wherever, I bet he recurred to plastic surgery.

    And the fact is that nobody hates Perez Hilton more than himself, cause even when being gay supossed to be about accept yourself, he just showed that he desire to be other person than Perez Hilton.

  • JD

    Way to go Perez! You were always kind of cute, but you are smokin’ now. You also seem so much happier with yourself and the world and that makes me smile 🙂 Smooooochies

  • Xavier

    Whether you hate, love, or don’t care about the person, that’s your person thing. The results of the weight loss and trimming are very good, and to say otherwise seems more agenda bound than reality based and to some degree a reflection of something in you.

  • tiffy

    Ceclia needs to SHUT THE FU*K UP. hating ass b*tches i swear. take a seat douche bag.

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