People’s Other Sexy Men For 2012 & The Hottest From Each State

Channing Tatum scored People magazine’s big honor of Sexiest Man Alive, but he’s not the only one oozing sex appeal. The publication also honored other men responsible for making women and gay men’s temperature rise. From former Sexiest Man Alive honoree Denzel Washington to South African double-amputee Olympian Oscar Pistorius, People highlight other gorgeous dudes in their annual issue.

If that isn’t enough to quench your hunger for hot men, People also scoured the country to pick the sexiest man from each state. Naturally, Tatum was chosen as Alabama’s representative. How funny would’ve it been if some other schmo, was Mr. Alabama? Pretty hilarious if you ask me. Curious to know which celeb, the publication saddle you with? Find out below.

People Magazine’s Sexy Men of 2012

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The United States of Sexy

People magazine scoured the country and chose the sexist celebrity from each state. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Alabama: Obviously it’s Channing Tatum
  • Arizona: Dierks Bentley (far left)
  • Delaware: Ryan Philippe
  • Florida: Enrique Iglesias
  • Georgia: Usher
  • Hawaii: Jason Momoa (second from left)
  • Indiana: Adam Lambert
  • Kentucky: Josh Hutcherson
  • Maine: Patrick Dempsey
  • Michigan: Tom Brady
  • Minnesota: Garrett Hudlund (middle)
  • Mississippi: Lance Bass
  • Nevada: Ne-Yo
  • North Dakota: Kellan Lutz (second from right)
  • Tennessee: Chord Overstreet
  • Texas: Matt Bomer
  • Utah: Brandon Flowers (far right)
  • Virginia: Trey Songz
  • Washington: Apolo Anon Ohno
  • Wisconsin: Mark Ruffalo

To see pictures of each state’s sexy representative, click here.

  • BritneyLover

    No Darren Criss this year? What a blasphemy!

  • Mardie

    Matt Bomer > Channing Tatum

  • DouggSeven

    Someone needs to educate People what sexy is. Lance Bass & Adam Lambert are sexy? And whoever that ginger pictured above is? Huh? On what planet? Certainly not this one.

  • Paul

    Damien Lewis from Homeland looks like the Grinch.