Peeing In Pools With Ryan Lochte

Just when you thought you couldn’t love U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte more, he shows us his sense of humor in this new Funny or Die video where he clears up any and all confusion surrounding peeing in pools.

I first wrote about him over a year ago as one of my Sports Studs, but now he’s become an Olympic Here and making headlines everywhere. Lochte made his country proud at the 2012 Summer Olympics over the past week whilst on the cover of Men’s Journal, Men’s Health, and a feature in Vogue.

In the following video, Lochte owns up to peeing in pools and not only that, avoiding toilets and only peeing in the pool. Listen to his hilarious message encouraging people to pee in the pool. From Gold Medals to Golden Showers

  • Homegirl No5

    Barfing. Please stop peeing in pools and use toilets. A little potty training and good hygiene goes a long way. Thank you.