It’s a battle of the sequels this Memorial Day weekend at the box office. The Hangover Part III faces off against The Fast and The Furious 6. While these two films battle it out for your dollars, I thought it was only fitting that I pit the stars of the films in our latest Who’d You Rather poll.

Figuring out which two exactly proved to be a dilemma. Should I pit Vin Diesel against Justin Bartha, or Bradley Cooper against Tyrese Gibson? In the end, I decided to go with a Bradley Cooper and Paul Walker match-up. My rationale being that both of them were victors in their previous battles. Cooper edged out Bartha and Walker beat out his racing buddies. I’m curious to see which of these guys tops the other. In this battle, it’s anyone’s guess. In my fantasy, it’s Cooper who tops Walker 😉 Check out the pics below and be sure to cast your vote afterward

Bradley Cooper

Paul Walker

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