Paul Rudd Joins Parks & Rec

I have missing Parks and Recreation since the Christmas television break began. Right before the show took it’s snowy hiatus, we discovered that despite all of her political problems and “scandals” if you will, her team at the parks department had decided to back her up and help with the Leslie Knope in 2012 campaign. I can’t even explain in words how excited I am for this story line to unravel.

But, with every political campaign comes a vat of competition and speculations have been circulating for a while that Kathryn Hahn, formerly of NBC’s Free Agents and Crossing Jordan would be taking on the role of Leslie’s #1 political rival. However, it was discovered that she will actually play the advisor to Leslie’s competitor who we believe is to be played by none other than Paul Rudd. Cue my delight.

While NBC denied nor confirmed Rudd’s involvement on the NBC hit comedy, NYMag’s Vulture seems to have a little bit of an inside scoop. According to a few industry insiders, Paul filmed scenes for the comedy back in December which leads me to believe we’ll see him appear on the show sometime in early to mid-February. We’re also not sure if he only shot one episode but hopefully, his arc will continue throughout the season leading up to the big election.

While Rudd has made several guest starring appearances on the TV shows over the last few years, this will mark Paul’s triumphant return to NBC comedy on Thursday nights after repeatedly appearing on Friends. What do you think about Paul appearing on Parks & Rec?