Since The Bible scored heavenly ratings for The History Channel, I thought I’d feature one of its stars. The mini-series combined with the network’s other new offering, Vikings, trumped everything on the major networks Sunday night. I’m sure Donald Trump isn’t happy that his so-called All-Stars were beat by Jesus and his crew 😉 Coincidentally enough, both were from Mark Burnett. The über producer collaborated with his wife Roma Downey (Touched By An Angel) on the biblical program.

If you watched the first part, you probably were smitten by the actor who played Adam of Adam and Eve fame. He was played by male model Paul Knops. Not much is known about this Brit, but he is one good-looking man. Love his thick eyebrows. Check out this carpenter turned model’s portfolio below. Hope you enjoy this week’s Model Behavior selection.

Paul Knops Model Stats

Height: 6’1″
Waist: 31
Shoe: 9
Hair: brown
Eyes: green