Influential Australian photographer Paul Freeman’s new book Outback Brumby is the third offering from his Outback picture book series. Like its predecessors, Outbook Brumby is another steamy collection of the male physique shot in the Australian Outback.

Using muted earthy colors, Freeman beautifully exhibits the male form in all its strength and beauty. These mouth-wateringly sexy and handsomely rugged men are presented in seductive poses using a cowboy theme as a backdrop without being cliched or cheesy.

You might be wondering what/who/where a “brumby” is? In Australian folklore, the brumby is often romanticized as a heroic creature with majestic beauty and strength. A Brumby is a free-roaming feral horse found in many areas of the country, but mostly concentrated in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Curator of the Australian Centre for Photography, Alasdair Foster, released the following statement:

“Paul Freeman’s work reveals an understanding that the erotic lives within the individual and not the stereotype; that strength lies in embracing one’s vulnerability as much as exercising one’s power; and that the child abides within the man. Playful, candid and sexy, these men epitomise the spirit of outback Australia that fuses larrikin fantasy with moments of introspection.”

The above pictures are just a sample of over 200 powerful portraits spread over 186 lavish pages. Outback Brumby is the perfect hardcover coffee table portrait book to add to your collection.

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