Recently, Patti Stanger (also known as The Millionnaire Matchmaker) sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What happens Live to talk relationships and take calls from viewers who had questions. In doing so, we saw Stanger reveal a lot about how she feels about gay relationships and what she sees going on in the gay community when it comes to lack of monogamy, open relationships, Grindr, after someone asked about “long distance open relationships”. When Cohen challenges her by saying that he is gay and is one for monogamy, Stanger laughs and says, “When was the last time you were in a long term relationship?… Let’s get into it…”

Some are saying that her comments are homophobic, but I’m going to disagree. I do have to say that sadly, I do agree with some of the things that Stanger said in terms of what goes on in the gay community. After some of my previous relationships and what I’ve seen go on in my own city, there once was a point where I felt that having a serious relationship in the “gay world” was pointless because without having many role models for gay relationships, I feel that there is often too much infidelity or simply just people that have no boundaries or respect for others and want to try to mess up your relationship. These public perceptions won’t change until we change them.

All of this being said, Stanger went too far when a viewer called in via video and she mistakenly thought he was straight at first: “Well first of all, let me say you’re very handsome and I thought you were straight… so that’s a compliment.” Whoa. What’s that supposed to mean? Watch the video below to see the look on Andy Cohen’s face after she says that.