Who’d You Rather: Geyer VS Young

Fall TV may have brought us a few duds that have already been axed by their networks, but amongst them have appeared a few gems. Patrick and I have been PVRing these two shows on the regular and has brought two new hotties to my attention. May I introduce to you Dean Geyer from FOX’s Terra Nova and Parker Young from ABC’s Suburgatory. Both men have killer bodies and slammin’ good looks. Therefore, it’s only fair to pit them against each other to find out Who’d You Rather.

Dean Geyer should be a stranger to many of you, but if you’re seeing for the first time let me tell you a bit about this stud. First, he was on Australian Idol and man, can this kid sing. He also made his acting debut on the popular Australian soap, Neighbours. We were introduced to his sexy body and fighting styles when came to America to co-star in Never Back Down 2 and now we can catch this Aussie import every Monday on Terra Nova.

Parker Young didn’t quite have the kickstart to his career that Dean had. Parker started off doing a few guest spots starting with CSI: NY where he played the title role in an episode. He followed that with Days of Our Lives and Big Time Rush. Finally, a casting director gave him a real shot and now, he stars as the sexy stud muffin on ABC’s Suburgatory. I love that writers let him take his shirt off so much. Swoon. You’ve learned the facts, now check out the evidence and decide which one you’d rather below.



Who'd You Rather: Geyer VS Young

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  • CT

    Dean Geyer is doing good with his American accent, compared to Phoebe Tonkin over on Secret Circle who still lets her Aussie accent out some, which I find distracting. Anyways, I love Dean’s eyes

  • Jill

    Very hard to choose, they’re both gorgeous! But Dean wins for me, he’s got that rugged sexy look and beautiful eyes 🙂

  • Fredo

    I think Dean’s face is absolutely stunning, but I have to pick Parker because I’ve seen the way he moves his body on an ep of Suburgatory. And it’s f*(@*g amazing.

  • SteveDenver

    I’d rather do whomever will lay down for me!

  • Arii

    Dean, of course!!
    I love his eyes. His paper in terra nova is brilliant.