Parker Posey Teaches “Emmy Speech Master Class” In Hilarious Video

With the Emmy Awards coming up this weekend, it’s the perfect time to take a look at how actors prepare themselves for the most important performance of their career – their Emmy Acceptance Speech.

In the following video, Parker Posey plays acting teacher, JAN – which stands for “Just Act Naturally“. LOL. Jan teaches a master class dedicated to the Emmy Acceptance Speech, even covering eggsactly how to react when your name isn’t called and you lose. “Jan really prepares you to lose,” explains one student. She has a book out on the subject, as well as a book on tape. Another one of her students says, “This class is incredible. All I have to do is book a role… on TV, be nominated, and win… and I’ll be ready. I’m just glad it was only $899 because I thought it would be much more.”

Watch the 64th Annual Emmy Awards live this coming Sunday, September 23rd at 7e|4p on ABC. Enjoy the video below!

Emmy Speech Master Class feat. Parker Posey

  • JMC

    This is hilarious and I’ve always adored Parker Posey, she’s a magnificient talent and beauty.

    With that said has someone cut Chris Lilley a cheque for this? It’s clearly influenced by his series We Can Be Heroes and Summer Heights High right down to the musical arrangement.