Parker Hurley Shaves His Head For Mr Turk

To clip or not to clip? That is the question. I find myself also facing that dilemma right now. With the hot summer days fast approaching, I’m tempted to shave off all my hair. I’d miss my samurai pony though 😉 And also, not sure I can rock a shaved head like Parker Hurley. Not many can, truth be told. With his toned and heavily-inked body, the stunner is one of the more popular guys I’ve featured in my Model Behavior series.

Parker’s hair transformation was recorded for Mr. Turk to show off their line of swimwear. Check Hurley sporting a couple of different hairstyles on his way to a sexy shaved ‘do. All in the name of fashion and a pay check (obviously). Enjoy.

  • Robert O’Cleary

    He got that…. cake cake cake cake.

  • VanCity

    lol. ^^^
    I wanna lick the icing off.

  • Tom

    Looking at Parker makes me all fuzzy inside . . . he’s sublimely beautiful.

  • V

    Parker Hurley and Tyson Ballou are straight, and they are married with a beautiful women, JUST LIKE ALL THE HUNKS AND MALE MODELS.

    So, don’t say “there are gay men who are model” because that’s impossible.

  • Sam

    OH GOD!!!…Not you again,,,sigh…okay, if I have to remind you YET AGAIN…


    So…meh (blows raspberry)