Watch Paris Hilton Walk Out Of An ABC Interview

BAHAHAHAHA. This just made my day. If you’re tired of no-talent hacks being famous for being famous, then you’ll really enjoy this bit of news. Thanks to Paris Hilton, our pop culture landscape is riddled with fame-hungry “celebutantes” trying to mimic her rise to fame. She perfected the art of dropping catchphrases like “that’s hot” and turning herself into a global brand based on no talent- unless you count leaking a sex tape as a skill. But it seems now, her time has passed and she’s on her way to becoming irrelevant. TGIF.

In an effort to show she’s more mature, now that’s she’s 30-years-old, Hilton launched a new reality show on Oxygen. But rather than show she’s grown up, it seems she’s the same person, just with a little more wrinkles. She’s as spoiled as ever and if she doesn’t get her way… she pouts. And worse, she’s still working that annoying baby voice to death.

During a sit down interview with ABC’s Dan Harris on Good Morning America, Paris bolts when asked if she ever worried about her moment having passed. Instead of answering the question, she awkwardly looks at her publicist. Harris than asks her if she wants to wrap it up. Paris then walks off the set. In a voiceover, Harris explains a long and heated conversation between Hilton and her publicist transpired. Eventually, Paris cools off and continues with the interview. In true Hilton style, she’s as perky as ever and shows Harris her massive doghouse which is a replica of her own mansion. That’s hot. Check out the incident below.

This isn’t the first time Paris has had to deal with an interview gone wrong. A few months ago, Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters grilled her during an interview on “The View“. Visibly shaken, Paris was left speechless, forcing her mom, Kathy Hilton, to come to the rescue. Again, when the cameras were off, Hilton and her dad were in a heated conversation with the producers for the blindside Paris experienced on air.

I’m so thankful that the world is finally tiring of Paris Hilton. I never go the fascination with her and hope the same thing will eventually happen to former protege and frenemy Kim Kardashian. As talentless as I think Paris is, IMHO, Kardashian is far worse. When you compare both their singles, Paris sounds like Christina Aguilera.

  • Andre00x


  • I liked Paris in Repo! the Genetic Opera. I thought it was the best use of her vocals, rather than the higher pitched stuff that mad her her album

  • Ro

    I loved Paris in the simple life it was so entertaining but I’ve watched one episode of her new show and think she’s even more of an idiot.. Doesn’t take anything seriously

  • Kenny

    Kim has a single? hahahhaha. And as the Paris thingie goes, it’s always fun to watch her! So silly!