Paris Could Face Year(s) In Prison

A couple days ago, word got out that Paris Hilton had been arrested for suspicion of cocaine possession. Today, the story goes to a whole new level, as the Hotel Heiress has been charged with felony possession of a controlled substance for .8 grams of cocaine. She could get anywhere from probation to four years in the slammer, but the norm for this Nevada law is 1-4 years for this crime. In addition, she could be fined $5,000 (which of course is nothing to her).

When one trashy drugged up diva leaves the big house (ahem…Lindsay Lohan), another is on her way in. I think the spoiled brat should get a full year in prison. Seriously, learn your lesson. At this point it’s like this sort of bullshit helps these bitches careers in the spotlight and on the cover of the magazines – and they know it.

If convicted in court and sent to jail, this will not be her first time in jail (the header picture is her off the jail the last time), but for her sake, let’s hope it’s her last. Prison is not as comfortable as her family’s hotel chain, and the only chain she’ll get is the one with the ball attached to her ankle.

When you’re a celeb, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas gets you arrested”

  • If she got anything NEAR a year that would be AMAZING.. but i’m assuming the argument will be that she’s not exactly a danger to society. blah