Is the world finally turning on Paris Hilton? God, I hope so. After being detained for more than six hours at a Tokyo airport yesterday, Miss Hilton was denied entry into Japan today. Finally her beyond-the-law attitude has finally caught up to her. Japanese officials sent the Hilton sisters packing due to Paris’ drug-related arrest.

She was allowed to stay at a nearby hotel, while officials looked over her case. Japan has a strict no drug policy and in light of Paris’ recent guilty plea to cocaine possession, she is no longer welcome in the land of the rising sun. As a result, Paris is on her back to the US of A. I’m sure she thinks that’s not hot. Saynora bitches.

Hilton was heading over to Japan for business. We all know those Japanese love their wacky things, and they absolutely are obsessed with her there. Before being booted out of the country, Hilton tweeted, “Going home now. So dissappointed to miss my fans in Asia. I promise to come back soon. I love you all! Love Paris xoxo.”

“Paris is very disappointed and fought hard to keep her business commitments and see her fans, but she is forced to postpone her commitments in Asia. Paris understands and respects the rules and laws of the immigration authorities in Japan and fully wishes to cooperate with them. Paris looks forward to returning in the future to a country she loves and has been coming to for the past 10 years.” – a rep for Paris Hilton

I wonder if this banishment is a permanent thing. It’ll be interesting to see how this affects her popularity in Japan and also her business ventures. I’m also curious if other countries will follow suit in banning the heiress due to her criminal record.