Paris Hilton: Three Strikes and You’re Out?

Everyone’s favorite heiress, NOT, was arrested again late Friday night in Las Vegas. The Sin City po-po booked her on suspicion of cocaine possession. Paris Hilton and her boy toy of the moment, Cy Waits, were stopped by a police officer, when he noticed an obvious odor. The officer than searched the vehicle and found the narcotics. The 29-year-old socialite was released early Saturday morning on her own recognizance.

This is third drug-related arrest for the ubiquitous “celebrity”. While watching a World Cup match in South Africa in July, Hilton was removed from the stadium and arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession. Charges were later dropped. Then later that month, Paris was caught with pot again. This time in Corsica, France. Once again, the charges were dropped. She’s human teflon. Nothing ever sticks.

Here’s a pic of Bonnie & Clyde (cocaine Vegas version). How does Paris’ new mugshot compare to her previous ones? Once again, Paris is smizing her ass off. That girl loves a good photo-op. At this rate, Paris can have an entire wall in her home dedicated with past transgressions. Such a classy girl.

Cy Waits was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs. Who knows if either will actually serve time for this. Attempts to reach Hilton’s publicist and manager were, obviously, unsuccessful.

  • I hope no one is shocked about this news. Headline news would be that she read a book or even a newspaper. You can’t be a young, attractive, woman with fame without cocaine!

  • bruin

    she looks really good in her mug shot. 5 stars!

  • Marc

    so long you coke-whoring slutty cunt-faced, wonky-eyed PIG!

  • Woof dono you’re right the bf is hot 😛