I Want Paranormal Activity!


Okay, this movie, directed by Oren Peli, looks like it will be in my top 5 scariest movies list for sure! Their trailer is totally unique too. Part of it is showing the reactions of the audience members throughout the film- and let me tell you, they look freaked out! The thing is, with a $15,000 budget (filmed Blair Witch style), it’s not opening in all major cities. They need to have enough interest from different cities, so they’ve set a site where you can request it to be played in your area. Considering how much I love scary movies and how this kind of stuff freaks me out (see my article on Sleep Paralysis), it will be a must see for me! I want it to play here! So far, it is only in 20 US cities, but 10 more cities will be announced tomorrow.

Here’s the synopsis:

After a young, middle class couple, Katie (Katie Featherston) and boyfriend Micah (Micah Sloat), move into what seems like a typical suburban house in San Diego, they become increasingly freaked out by a presence that may or may not be demonic. The presences is certainly most active in the middle of the night with all of the noises they hear- especially when they sleep. Well, when they try to sleep, I mean. To figure out what the eff is going on, Micah sets up a night vision video camera while they sleep. The audience watches the found footage….Dun dun dah!!!

  • Another movie that is coming out that offers a clean alternative is ‘’Paranormal.’’ Below is some additional information about this new thriller!!

    Paranormal, the latest supernatural thriller from Cross Shadow Productions, (the
    creators of the Dove.org approved, best-selling BMG releases: Pray and Pray 2:
    The Woods) will be available in stores nationwide January 26th 2010. The 2009 Mrs. America is starring in it.

    See more information and trailers at:

    Following the success of family-friendly suspense/thriller The Exorcism of Emily
    Rose (Sony Pictures), comes a riveting supernatural thriller in the vein of the hit
    SyFy television series, Ghost Hunters and Frank Peretti’s House (Roadside
    Attractions / Lionsgate).

    Paranormal follows best-selling, self-made novelist Greg Evans struggling through the worst case of writer’s block in his award-winning career. In a desperate search for
    inspiration, Greg quickly finds himself immersed in a world he is not prepared to face.
    Turning to a group of paranormal investigators, Greg and the ghost hunting team search for proof and answers, yet are unaware they are about to have an experience of a
    lifetime! None will leave the way they came. Paranormal will peel back the supernatural curtain to reveal how The TRUTH will EXPOSE the darkness!