Paranormal Activity 4 Scares Away The Competition At Weekend Box Office

With Halloween coming up in just over a week, it’s no wonder that thrilling, scary and horror films are excelling in the box office numbers. This weekend, opening sequel Paranormal Activity 4 overwhelming won the box office over the competition bringing in an estimated $31 million. The film is said to be one of the scariest in the film’s franchise. I haven’t seen it yet but believe me, Patrick and I will be checking it out.

Another film opening this weekend was Alex Cross with Tyler Perry stepping into the lead role made famous by Morgan Freeman in the films Kiss The Girls and Along Came A Spider. Although there was a lot of hype surrounding Perry’s new portrayal of the character, the film just narrowly made it into the weekend’s top five. Check out the top ten estimates below and tell us what movies you checked out this weekend.

  • 1. Paranormal Activity 4: $31,000,000 (opening weekend)
  • 2. Argo: $18,000,000 ($44,566,489 total)
  • 3. Hotel Transylvania: $15,000,000 ($120,520,955 total)
  • 4. Taken 2: $13,200,000 ($105,771,469 total)
  • 5. Alex Cross: $11,800,000 (opening weekend)
  • 6. Here Comes the Boom: $9,200,000 ($23,924,328 total)
  • 7. Sinister: $8,800,000 ($31,720,168 total)
  • 8. Pitch Perfect: $7,000,000 ($45,760,348 total)
  • 9. Frankenweenie: $4,700,000 ($28,609,421 total)
  • 10. Looper: $4,200,000 ($57,840,132 total)
  • Raph

    I wonder where you’ve heard that PA4 was one of the scariest in the franchise cause really, it isn’t. I particularly loved the 1st and 3rd one, but the 4th holds the lowest Tomatometer on rottentomatoes, currently standing at 29%, and it doesn’t deserve more… People should go for Sinister instead which was definitely a loooot better!