Imagine you posted a video to YouTube and then it went SO VIRAL that you were on Ellen the NEXT DAY! Incredible! Greyson Michael Chance, 12 (or 13), of Edmond, Oklahoma has become an overnight Internet music sensation with his cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” that he performed at his school.

So he’s in math class when his mom shoots him a text to call him ASAP. When he gets a chance to duck out of class, his mom tells him that the Ellen show has contacted her and wants him to be on the show. He is beside himself. He makes his way to Ellen show, which aired today, and talks to Ellen about the video. THEN, Ellen surprises him and has his idol, Lady Gaga on the Telephone. She thanks him for doing the cover and tells him to stay away from girls and just focus on achieving his dreams.

Greyson on Ellen

Check out the performance that has made this boy famous – overnight. Also, be sure to watch the girls faces in the background…as they become Justin Bieber-ly in awe of this guy! I guess one day soon, Greyson will have to worry about Paparazzi himself!

Greyson’s School (and life-changing) Performance