American Idol 9: Top 11 Elimination “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”


With one less guest performer on the results show, the producers decided to bring back the group performance. Tonight, Wham’s hit “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” received the Idol chessefest treatment. Hmm, I wonder what the judges would’ve said if one of the contestants had selected this song. They probably would’ve trashed it and deemed it old-fashioned and irrelevant. They’re called theme weeks, judges. Sometimes they’ll have to pick songs beyond the past decade. I digress. Can you just wake me up when 6 more contestants go-go? I’m so over this season.

Proving she should stick to pre-recorded upbeat guilty pleasure-type songs (like “See You Again), Miley was all kinds of pitchy during her performance. Thankfully she had smoke machines to distract me from her painfully awful live singing. Pretty dress though. It’s not hard to see why the Top 11 contestants didn’t fare better with their performances, when you factor in Miley’s wise tutelage. If she can’t teach herself to sing well, how in the hell should we expect her to assist others.



Before Miles hit the stage, Siobhan, Lee and Casey were all declared safe. Unfortunately for them, but rightfully so, Paige and Tim were the first two to seat in the dreaded loser stools. On a side note, how awesome are Siobhan’s friends who were dressed up as zombies? Siobhan-bies is such a brilliant name for her fans. Its way better than Soul Patrol or Claymates and various other lame names given to contestant fan groups.

With Miley’s real reason for being on the show (to promote her Nicolas Sparks based movie) out of the way, the rest of the Idols receive their fate. Didi, Aaron, Michael and Crystal are safe, leaving us with Andrew or Katie to fill the third spot. In a tiny bit of a surprise, Andrew is safe. Not that Katie was perfect, but she didn’t suck nearly as hard as Garcia. After spending only two seconds on the center stage, Katie is quickly saved and sent back to the couches.

Confirmed real-life couple, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato hit the stage next. Admittedly, I’ve never heard Lovato sing before, but she didn’t sound all that half-bad. A little over the top with her token rock hand gestures and hair-flipping, but I’d rather watch her rock out than Mile-mile or Joe perform.

With just a few minutes left in the show, Paige is finally put out her misery (and ours) and the second finalist eliminated, narrowly missing the coveted Idol summer concert tour. Luckily for us, we have another week of Tim to bastardize a Soul/R&B song next week. PS. I’m BEYOND EXCITED for Usher’s mentorship next week.


As Paige is about to perform, Simon interjects and lets her know that they won’t be using the “Judges Save” no matter how she sings during her swan song. Not that I was expecting them to use it this early, but good on them for not giving her any false hope. With no pressure on her, Paige chose to sing her first Idol live performance, “All Right Now” as her last (and still sucked). During her five showings, we never got to see this amazing voice and potential the judges kept telling us. Was it nerves that prohibited Paige from delivering or just lack of talent? I guess that’ll be on of Idol’s mysteries that’ll never be solved.


Once again, I got two out of the bottom three correct. This is the second time in a row my prediction of Andrew Garcia placing in the bottom tier proved false. Thankfully Tim and Paige’s fans didn’t disappoint. With Paige’s elimination correctly foretold, my record in the Top 12 is now 1-1. My overall season prediction record is 6 correct and 8 incorrect. Man I suck at this.

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