What the heck happened before Dorothy landed in Oz? Wait…that’s the tagline for the musical WICKED isn’t it? Well hoenstly what DID happen? And how did some old man from Kansas become the WIZARD of OZ? That’s the question answered in Oz: The Great And Powerful. It is a a good answer? Before I divulge we should go to the beginning.

So Oz (James Franco) is actually not a wizard, but a travelling circus con man magician, and he’s also a big womanizer which is what gets him into Oz (The land) in the first place. See while part of the travelling circus one of the other acts ( a strong man or something) find out Oz has been flirting with his lover, so Oz jumps in his hot air balloon and travels to OZ. It seems to me that the only way to get to Oz is by tornado.

When he lands he meet Theodora the good witch (Mila Kunis) who falls in love with Oz and tells him of the prophecy of a wizard with the same name as the land (OZ!!!) who will come and destroy the wicked witch (who no one knows right now) and bring peace back to the land of OZ. Theodora and Oz travel to the emerald city where they meet Evanora the royal advisor who is ACTUALLY the Wicked Witch. She tells Oz (the man) that he has to kill the wicked witch in the dark forest who is actually Glinda the Good (Michelle Williams), but she shows Oz that she is actually the good witch and he has to fight off Evanora the wicked witch to save OZ. While this is happening Evanora tell Theodora that Oz was in love with Glinda. So Evanora give Theodora an apple to eat (Snow White much?) that will destroy her heart, but it turns her ugly and green, and now we have the Wicked Witch of the West!

Ok, so this movie plot even writing it out is kind of boring, as was this movie. I know it’s hard to make a movie interesting when everyone knows what’s going to happen, but this movie had such potential and it kind of blew it. Sure the effects were good but it was SO green screened that it was almost unbearable to watch. Also, when the best characters in the movie aren’t the real people (China Doll and Finley the flying monkey) you’ve got a problem.

There were some good laughs (mainly from Finley) and it was nice to see how they kind of tied everything together, but here the actors had such a chance to create amazing characters (Mila Kunis in particular) and she kind of blew it. Also whoever did her face need to be fired, those eyebrows? SERIOUSLY?

The saving grace was Rachel Weisz who is outstanding in everything she does. She really was evil and you could feel it. Michelle Williams I found a bit annoying, but isn’t Glinda supposed to be annoying? So I guess she did her job well.

Do I recommend seeing this movie? EH, if you want. It’s good for kids and if you’re a WofO fanatic you should see it, but I probably won’t be seeing it again. It’s too bad, I REALLY had high hopes for this one.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

‘Oz: The Great And Powerful’ Movie Trailer