Landon’s Music Pick: Owl City – Fireflies


Okay so someone had to do it…

I’ve been listening to this song for about a week now and I just can’t make up my mind if it’s super cheesy or indie-cool.  The vocals are a little whiny for me but sort of melodic at the same time; stylistically, it reminds me of a cross between The Postal Service and Lights

Owl City is actually the music project of 23 year old Adam Young from Minnesota.  On his newest album “Ocean Eyes” he collaborates with a female vocalist, Breanne Duren on a  number of tracks.  Check out his website  His North American tour includes a stop in Vancouver at The Biltmore on October 15th.

The Saltwater Room (feat. Breanne Duren)

Check out the video for Fireflies by clicking on the following link:

So what do you think?  Cheesy or good?

  • Topher

    Owl City was at sasquatch. I definitely thought of Postal Service when I first heard them too.

  • Tim

    Matt from relient K does the vocals on this track.

  • J-LA

    LOVE Owl City – I totally listen to it while running. Check out songs Strawberry Avalanche and Hot Air Balloon as well.

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