Outasight may be new to most of you, but this artist has actually been making music for a long time. He got his major recognition when his track “Tonight Is The Night” was featured in the Pepsi/X Factor joint promo ad. After that, he seemed to explode onto the commercial music scene as the track became an anthem including being performed live at this year’s NHL All-Star Game. Now, Outasight is ready to invade our eardrums once again his latest track. One listen, and I’m already hooked!

Titled Now or Never, his latest track keeps the anthems going. This time around, he sings about not letting anything or anyone stop you from doing you – because it’s now or never. With lyrics like “I don’t care what people say, and I don’t care what people do,” it’s sure to speak to those who are ready to overcome the obstacles in their life. Not to mention, the track has a really catching hook. With producer Andrew Goldstein bringing the fresh sounds from Ibiza, this track is sure to be a hit.

Outasight, “Now Or Never”