Out Magazine’s Best & Worst Dressed Gay Men

This week, Out Magazine released their list of the Best and Worst Dressed Men Gay Men and we have the results for you. Not suprisingly, topping the list was fashion icon, Tom Ford. The magazine contacted him about his win and he had the following words of wisdom to share in response:

“Style is a personal thing. It is what defines you. It is not only about clothes (in fact, it is rarely about clothes) but is about the way that one handles oneself with other people. To treat people kindly, to look them in the eye, to shake their hand firmly and to try to always be proud of ones actions are key elements of style as far as I am concerned. With regards to clothes and dress I think that it is important to find out what you feel comfortable in [I am not talking about physical comfort here] and then to make that look your signature. Personal style, comes from consistency. Know yourself, know what you like and what you don’t like and then build a look around those likes and dislikes. Remain true to your own taste.”

That’s some good advice, actually. Clearly some of the others on this list are living by the same rules. Former American Idol contestant, Adam Lambert took the number two spot. In third place was Marc Jacobs, which again, makes total sense. In fourth place (for best and worst) was figure skater personality, Johnny Weir, followed by Zachory Quintos in fifth.

The remaining half of the Top 10 best include: Project Runways’s Tim Gunn, sexy talk show host Nate Berkus, “Gotta Have Faith” George Michael, fashion designer Michael Bastian, and TV personality George Kotsiopoulos (love him on Fashion Police!).

Now let’s get to the worst…

The guy voted worst dressed gay man goes to Boy George, who was nearly tied by Perez Hilton. Funny how someone who is so quick to criticize others finds himself on this list. I guess the first step was losing the weight, now the second step can be to get some new clothes. Here’s the full list of the worst dressed below:

  • 1. Boy George
  • 2. Perez Hilton
  • 3. Antony Hagerty
  • 4. Johnny Weir
  • 5. Bruce Vilanch
  • 6. Pete Burns
  • 7. John Galliano
  • 8. Jeffrey Williams
  • 9. Patrick McDonald
  • 10. Chris March

Check out the full list of contenders here.