2010 Oscar Ceremony News


It’s official, we have new hosts for the 2010 Academy Awards’ telecast. The Motion Picture Academy announced this year’s ceremony will have two hosts- Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. Hugh Jackman was asked to come back after his well received stab at hosting last year, but unfortunately turned it down. With two comedic actors taking the helm this year, it’ll no doubt be a hilarious affair. Both Martin and Baldwin just finished co-starring in “It’s Complicated” with Meryl Streep. Having just filmed together, the two hosts should have a great chemistry from working with each other the past few months. Either that or they’ll get on each other’s nerves. Both of which will ensure an entertaining show.

Producing the show for the first time, Adam Shankman- Director of “Hairspray” and SYTYCD Judge- first approached Tina Fey to sign on for co-hosting duties. If you remember during last year’s show, Martin and Fey stole the show during their laugh-out loud segment presenting the screenwriting awards. But due to Fey’s commitment to writing 30 Rock, the timing wouldn’t have worked out- looks like Alec Baldwin was second choice. I guess, it’s better to be a choice then no choice at all. Even though, Baldwin has never hosted a major award show previously to this, he has ample experience performing on live TV- he’s hosted 14 episodes of SNL thus far. Couple that with his portrayal of Jack on 30 Rock, he will be able to keep up with Martin for sure.

With Shankman, a song and dance guy, behind the scenes, will the telecast be filled with numerous musical numbers? Shankman assures everyone, he will only schedule them if they fit organically within the scope of the show and not just randomly include numbers. I just hope they keep the the part where five previous acting winners present the nominees for their respective acting categories. Though not loved by some critics, I was a huge fan of it. I’m all about honoring the past while give accolades to the present.

Here’s a clip featuring Steve Martin and Tina Fey’s hilarious skit during last year’s ceremony.

Are you a fan of the Oscars or any awards show? Does this announcement excited you? As always, I’d love to hear your feedback.