Clergymen Pose For Sexy 2013 Orthodox Calendar

I have to say this is the most random thing I think I’ve ever seen. Sex sells and now even the church is using that tactic. Just check out their official blurb enticing people to purchase the calendar, “Come in and discover our 12 seductive artistic pictures of Orthodox priests and their guests!” And by guests, they mean guys in superhero underwear and buff shirtless construction men. This brings a whole new meaning of going down on your knees and praying.

For the first time in history, young Romanian Orthodox priests and monks pose for a calendar. I’m sure this controversial approach will sell boatloads of calendars. What better way to remind you of all the important religious holidays like Easter and Christmas in 2013, than with handsome Romanian holy men. If Hollywood ever wants to remake The Thorn Birds, they might consider casting one of these guys in the sexy priest role. Check out a few of the images below.

To purchase the calendar, click here.