Adam’s Brit TV Pick: Orphan Black

Yes, the entire British domain and international community of nerds are well aware of this little gem, but, seeing as it somehow didn’t pick up a single worth Emmy and that basically ZERO of my gay friends have heard about it, I thought it was high time I tell y’all about the amazing show Orphan Black. And, before you zone out because you “don’t like shows with robots and flying cars”, know that this British dark drama actually takes place in present day and has one of THE hottest man starring in it- often naked- and I just found out is FROM my hometown of Vancouver, Canada and went to uni at Seattle, Washington. So yeah, you’ll get to watch my future husband bang a lot if you turn on this show!

Orphan Black actually takes place (though you have to pay attention to realize it) in Toronto, Canada where its filmed and wonderfully makes use of some pretty amazing local talent. Starring the darkly beautiful (and Canadian) actress Tatiana Maslany it follows its sometimes-heroine, sometimes-villain as she attempts to reconcile the fact that she is not a normal girl but a clone and an endangered one at that. The MAIN Tatiana is thrust into a life of lies as she attempts to recover her daughter and is forced to work with other very colourful versions/clones of herself and survive about 4 different factions of people trying to kill her. The show is futuristic in the science made available in the world but not so advanced that you couldn’t see most of this happening in the next few decades if the scientists really wanted. What matters here though is two things: the unbelievable acting and the incredibly HOT co-star Tatiana plays against and gets pounded by (excuse my French) in countless scenes.

Much to the geeks of the world’s dismay, Tatiana Maslany didn’t win for best actress this year. To put it into perspective this girls in any one episode has to play between about 5-6 versions of herself, all with hugely different personalities and incredibly varied accents. And, she does it to a tee. Tatiana utterly convinces you that there’s 10 different hers all waiting to pop onto the scene all from around the globe. She was absolutely robbed at the awards this year for sure. BUT, what you really want to hear about is the hot male who plays her sometimes-boyfriend. Dylan Bruce. WOOF. Now, because I don’t watch soaps, I really hadn’t heard his name much before, but trust me, I’m listening to it now. This strapping Vancouverite plays the lover of one of the version of Tatiana and while he stars out with as a douche character, really kicks into gear as the season goes on. And, gets naked a lot along the way. For the man candy alone, this show is worth a watch.

Orphan Black may not be everyone’s cup of tea (see what I did there??), but it’s definitely one of Canada’s better local shows if not the. It’s been thankfully granted full international release through an association with the BBC and SPACE and has now been picked up for a second season. I say look at the trailer below; look into Dylan Bruce and tell him I have a crush on him if you know him; and, give the show a try if you’re up for it. Sound off below!

  • André Dias

    Thanks for the tip. I’m half way through the show. Man, the guy is an awful actor. I mean awful. He’s as wooden, if not more, as The Walking Dead’s Rick Andrew (Lincoln). Even at the emotional height of episode 5’s end “This is a test. Isn’t it? ISN’T IT?” he managed to be totally monotone. And it doesn’t help his only counterpart so far has been the BRILLIANT Tatiana Maslany. Seriously, what is this girl? Give her an Emmy! Give her a Golden Globe! An OSCAR! Give her all the f****** awards!!!