Tomorrow (Saturday), Oprah‘s recent one-on-one interview with with global superstar, multiplatinum artist and 17-time Grammy winner, Beyonce will air on a special evening of Oprah’s Next Chapter. Normally the show airs on Sunday, but since Beyonce’s documentary premieres Saturday night, Oprah scheduled her interview right before it. Always thinking, Oprah. Such a smart cookie.

As Oprah does, she asks whatever she wants to and in the preview, we see her ask Beyonce about her marriage to Jay Z and what he’s like as a father, Blue Ivy, her miscarriage and more.

Watch the interview tomorrow (February 16) on OWN at 8pm. After that, you can also check out Beyonce’s documentary Life Is But A Dream the same night on HBO at 9pm. Check out the preview of the interview below.

Oprah’s Next Chapter: Beyonce Interview Preview