Oprah’s Lifeclass: Hightlights From Oprah & Deepak Chopra’s “Spiritual Solutions” Discussion

Last night, Oprah’s Lifeclass aired a special taped at Radio City Music Hall in New York where Oprah Winfrey sat down with Deepak Chopra to talk about “Spiritual Solutions“. She jokingly referred to it as her “Chopra Oprah Tour”. I watched the segment on the online feed and thought I’d share a few of the highlights. Before I get into that, I want to mentioned that cast member Dan went to the taping in Toronto, which is the finale for the Lifeclass Tour and airs next Monday. The topic discussed is “Mastering the Art of Gratitude“.

I’ve included many of the quotes that resonated with me below, but I also want to talk about Perez Hilton being on the show. He talked about how he has changed and is now about putting positivity out there, helping people, and most certainly not being the bully he once was. He’s changed so much (inside and out). That being said, a women in the audience had a hard time with him being where he is today only because he had became famous for being mean.

Deepak and Oprah had a few things to say about that. Deepak responded by saying, Deepak: “I think what you’ve got to realize…everyone is doing best they can from the stage of awareness they’re in. You have to have empathy….because in your judging him, you’re also judging yourself. And right now I’m judging you.” Oprah added, “I could be very pissed off at [Perez] for some of the things he has said. But if he can’t be redeemed, then neither can I….Not everybody is operating at the same frequency as you. There are some very low-level people that are barely vibrating at all….There is a vibrational frequency to spirit.”

Recapping on what the whole episode was about and what a woman from Vancouver had asked Deepak via Skype, Oprah asked him once again…

Oprah: : “How do you begin to lead a more spiritual life?”

Deepak: “The ultimate goal is to be happy. If you want to be happy, make somebody else happy. If you want to find the right person in your life, then become the right person. If you want to see change in the world, then become the change in the world….There’s no social transformation in the absence of personal transformation.”

Other standout quotes:

  • “You can step out of your path and write a new story for yourself.” – Oprah
  • “If you are living through love, and trying to use your life to express that, in every encounter, then you are leading a spiritual life.” – Oprah
  • “Remember that your story is influencing your expectations of the world: Your feelings and moods—they’re all a reflection of your story….You have to ask yourself, ‘Is there another story? The past is gone. The future is not here. Now I am free of both: What am I choosing right now?’ – Deepak
  • “For 6 plus years, I behaved a certain way. But I am not going to be defined by my past…I am not going to let that prevent me from doing good in the future.” – Perez Hilton
  • “Karma means you have to live with the consequences of actions of the past.” – Deepak
  • “It also means whatever you’re putting out is coming back….Everywhere I went in India, I asked, ‘Why are people so calm?’ Every person would say, ‘Karma. We believe in karma.’ They believe everything they do, will come back.” – Oprah
  • On how to control your negative thoughts: “There are many ways: I’ll share one with you. It’s a simple acronym: STOP. S stands for stop. T stands for take 3 deep breaths, and when you’re doing that smile, everywhere in your body. O stands for observe what’s happening in your body, and P, proceed now, with kindness and compassion.” He then added, “Or you can just say to your thoughts: Next!” – Deepak
  • “My definition [of spirituality] is living your life with an open heart, through love.” – Oprah
  • Dan

    I’m doing my Oprah write up soon, I promise!

  • Dbrewer75

    Why won’t Perez Hilton just go away

  • I lost a lot of respect for Oprah after hearing that she had Perez Hilton on this show A lot of people are going to say oh you’re just hating but honestly I think Perez is an absolutely awful person. He’s phony, mean, a totally star fucker. I also hate how he keep contradicting himself with what he writes depending on who it is.

    It’s incredibly disappointing that Oprah has done this and I don’t know how I feel about it.

  • My opinion is that Deepak and Oprah addressed that very thing in a few different points that they made. One, Oprah said to the woman in the audience, “So you want [Perez] to go to the Karma Prison? Why isn’t his apology enough?” Also, Deepak said, “The worst thing you can say about someone else has some truth in it about you.” Given everything that they were talking about throughout the whole class, it’s silly to say that Oprah did something “wrong” by inviting someone to share their story so that people know it is possible to change, it is possible to forgive and it’s possible to find purpose in one’s life. I think for people to dwell on who Perez used to be and what he used to say is pointless when he has made such an effort to do otherwise. Furthermore, the episode also talked so much about the present and not allowing the past to control your thoughts and who you are.

  • Clayton

    Well, Deepak, Adlolf Hitler killed 6 million Jews in the holocaust. I have said that of him, I believe that to be the absolute worst thing about him, yet I can definitively say that I have never killed any Jews in my entire life. I’d say that particular platitude doesn’t stand up to reason.

    If someone is a bitch and they get famous being a singer or an actor or whatever then they change they change for the better that’s great them and they’re still going to be a singer or an actor or a whatever it is they do. Perez Hilton got famous THROUGH being a bitch so if he’s changed (and I find that a dubious assumption) why should I continue to care about him one way or another?

  • Clayton

    This is sort of like Paula Deen schilling for diabetes meds after making a career out of cooking food that almost definitely caused her own disease and contributed to the onset of countless others’. Perez Hilton’s job, the reason we’re talking about him, is that he was or is a mean, relentless, vicious, hypocritical, capricious bitch. I’ve never liked him but that was his reason for being in the public consciousness. Now he wants to change and I just don’t understand why anyone should care.

  • From a very simplistic perspective, I understand what Clayton is saying, but are we really not allowed to forgive someone and accept that they’re trying to be a better person simply because their bad actions are what made them famous in the first place? Just because you grow up a certain way, doesn’t mean that’s the path you have to take for your entire life.

    If Perez Hilton is genuine about his transformation, why not accept that it’s true and encourage similarly positive transformations in others? If it’s not true, we’ll know soon enough. I’d rather be wrong about someone pretending to be a better person than to not help someone who truly is.

  • I truly don’t believe his “transformation”is genuine at all. Not in the least. Clayton makes extremely valid points. Why should we care about him? Sadly his blog has become the #1 spot to get celebrity info, I’ll admit I read his stuff first for stuff like that because he has become a credible source for that. But Ever since that whole Ellen show “How can i say stop bullying if I’m a bully” stuff, his stuff now is SO transparent.

    Patrick you can throw all that stuff in my face all you. What i call out in someone is something in me. I’ll be straight up, I HATE that he makes over 5k an ad posting about nothing. And I hate that I go his blog everyday. Am I jealous, absofucking lutely.

    But I’m more irritated with his whole being because he doesn’t say anything that is true. And I guess that’s his shtick. How can he lash out at amanda bynes or lindsay for partying, and then in the next post about Rihanna and that mysterious substance on her bodyguards head just be like Whatever, Rihanna like to party and she’s not apologizing for it. Or the whole chris brown rihanna nonsense? How can he post about not beating people up and not bullying when he CLEARLY SUPPORT CHRIS BROWN…we’re all suckers and Oprah is the biggest sucker for putting him on her show.

  • But I guess she’ll do anything to save her network. Shame.

  • Patrick

    For me the episode was about spirituality, not Perez Hilton. That being said, if Oprah putting Perez on the show distracted and turned you off from you taking away the actual lessons from the show, then for that reason I can understand understand your point of view.

  • Clayton

    Jesus, I feel like I stepped in something personal. The entire reason I commented on this post is that seeing Deepak Chopra and Perez Hilton onstage together was like seeing the blind spout cliches at the blind. Perez Hilton is awful and you can fight all about him all you want while it doesn’t really matter. Deepak Chopra, on the other hand, is actually a destructive influence. He preaches about the “arrogance” of science while (mis)appropriating scientific catch words to give his incoherent philosophy more credence. In the process of doing that he leads people away from really understanding the sciences and, even worse, makes people distrust it. If people actually live following his philosophy, too trite even for Hallmark, they build their lives on a foundation of paper. Luckily (I suppose) I believe most people don’t and simply draw from him a false sense of at best confidence and at worst self-righteousness and condescension.

    If just one person has rejected treatment for cancer because they believed they could “intend” it away due to his teachings that is one too many and it’s blood on his hands.

    Watch him talk to someone who challenges him and doesn’t just look at him and nod as if he knows what he’s talking about, which is what he’s become accustomed to, and you’ll see the veneer that he holds to platitudes drop away pretty quickly. He gets pissy and usually just comes off as a whiny little prick. He gets defensive as opposed to actually defending himself and he insults the people he’s talking to. He’d do himself a favor if he played the benevolent spiritualist who’s above everything in these situations but he’s not even capable of doing that when there’s someone there who doesn’t completely go along with everything he says.

    And talk about a starfucker? Perez Hilton has nothing on Deepak Chopra. Look at the people he’s whored on in the course of his career to keep his fame afloat.