Oprah’s Favorite Things: Audience Reaction Video

Remember when SNL made a spoof of Oprah and her studio audiences’ reactions to her Oprah’s Favorite Things shows…where Amy Poeler’s (playing an audience member) head explodes? That’s actually not too far off of what it’s like. They don’t even need to make a parody of it because Friday’s episode seemed like a parody in itself! If you missed it, the audience went INSANE! Medics were on hand in case anyone passed out or exploded.

Screaming, jumping, crying, hugging, sitting, standing, falling to the floor…you name it, the audience was doing it. I was literally laughing my head off. I mean, I’d likely be doing the same thing, but still. Imagine just finding out that you are currently participating in the FINAL Oprah’s Favorite Things episode ever? You know Mama’s gonna spoil you rotten!

So, if you missed the episode you HAVE to watch the following video. If you did watch the episode, you know how amazing the reactions are and you’ll want to watch this compilation of the best reactions.

Stay tuned for PART 2 of her Favorite Things this week! I don’t know how she can top the last episode, but she will of course!

  • adam a.

    you know, not gonna lie, I would get excited getting stuff like that……but seriously people!