Last night, Oprah Winfrey was here in Vancouver for a special evening called “An Evening With Oprah” and we were there! I was there with Tyrell, and cast member Dan was there as well. She inspired and empowered the audience of 16,000 by sharing her life story and the lessons she has learned along the way that got her to where she is now. She also made us laugh a lot, especially towards the end in her one-on-one question and answer with George Stroumboulopoulos.

The evening started out with an introduction by Richard Dolan, the president of Rein Canada. He got the audience prepped for the next presenter, who was none other than Jim Pattison. Who Pattison introduced next was a surprise to everyone, even to Oprah. It was Stedman Graham, the love of Oprah’s life. He came to the show through an invitation from his friend Jim and decided to surprise Oprah. He spoke of how everyone knows Oprah one way, and then revealed how he sees her before introducing her to the stage.

Before I get to some of the main things I got out of the evening, I want to share some of the things Oprah said about some of the current news making headlines (ie. Lance Armstrong, Beyonce Lip-Syncing, and more).

Lance Armstrong

George asked her if she thought he was authentic in what he said on her show and if she thinks people will forgive him. She said that he was authentic and that she firmly believes people will forgive him because people want to be forgiven themselves. The way he was unauthentic in his life is no different than the way you an I may be unauthentic in certain areas in our lives. If he doesn’t deserve to be forgiven, then why should we? She also believe with this biggest brick wall of his career comes the biggest opportunity of his life to really do something great. As a sidenote, later on she talked about dieting and said, “I planned on losing 30-pounds before coming to Vancouver…but then Lance called.” LOL!


Of course everyone has been talking about Beyonce lip-syncing at the White House. Oprah says, “Who cares!” She said it would be a different story if she was lip-syncing to Mary J. Blige’s voice that would be a different story.

OWN Struggles

She talked about how 2012 whipped her butt and even said, “I was delusional” with reference to her thinking that starting her own network was going to be easy. She even said the she didn’t listen to her instinct in that it wasn’t the right time to start it yet, but she did it anyway. She spoke of all of the headlines talking about the “struggling” network and that those headlines were no worse than what she was thinking herself. So then she realized she was creating it with the attitude that she had so she change her own outlook. Now she recognizes that she’s on the climb and is taking it from “one right move to the next right move.” Oprah noticed one woman holding up an “OWN” sign and said, “That’s the first OWN sign I’ve ever seen. If I had some cars, I’d give them to you.” LOL.


Oprah spoke about being nervous to speak to Vancouverites because she felt like we already were living our best lives. From her hotel room (which I’m almost certain was in the Shangri-La), she saw gardens on rooftops and on the drive to the venue, she saw no trash and not even any cigarette butts.

On Her Age

Oprah is turning 59 this year and never lies about her age because she believes it’s dishonouring to those that haven’t made it to that age. Every year is a blessing. The entire audience randomly burst out into song and sang “Happy Birthday” to Oprah. She said, “THAT’S never happened!” When Oprah said her age, she shouted in her infamous way…”FIFTYYYYY NINNNNNEEEE!” Hilarious!

Overview of Some of the Things I Took Away

Life is about your service to other people and the world. When you try to hold something to yourself, you do not grow and expand. When you share and do something that serves other people, they expand and so do you. When you get that, that’s when your life really starts to change and become meaningful.

She also talked about listening to that little voice inside of you (your instinct or whatever you want to refer to it as, not the chatter in your “mind”). We are the only animals in the world that see fear and run towards it. Always follow your instincts and follow the thread and flow of your life.

Intention. Know your intention behind what you’re doing or saying. If you are one of those people that says yes to people, when you really want to say no… practice really knowing what your intention is and being in line with that.

Why am I here? Do I matter? Does what I say matter? That’s what all humans want in life and it’s often the source of fights in relationships. Some of the things I mentioned above help to really understand your purpose, but there is a connectedness with other people as well. When your partner comes home from work, are you there for them, fully present and happy to see them? They want to feel like they matter to you and vice versa. That was a good reminder.

Oprah also talked about “Surrendering” and told a very inspirational story that she’s told before. If you haven’t seen it, watch below.