Before we get to the whole Paula Deen debacle, can we just take a moment to acknowledge how great Oprah Winfrey looks on the cover of O magazine this month. The 59-year-old is beyond fierce and from what I read, it wasn’t an easy task. Reportedly, that wig weighed in at 3.5 lbs. All in the name for fashion, I suppose. Anna Wintour would be proud.

While promoting her new film The Butler, Winfrey, not surprisingly, has been questioned about the Paula Deen controversy. The media mogul opened up about her disgraced friend as well as her experience in regards to racism to Entertainment Tonight on Monday. Here’s what she said.

“In the very first days I tried to reach her and then I decided to stay out of it as I saw it blowing up. In time she will be fine. For me, it all just felt kind of sad,” Winfrey revealed. She said, “I think Paula Deen was sort of used as a symbol, but I think lots of people use the [N-word] inappropriately all the time.” She explained she wanted to have a sitdown with Deen, saying, “I just really want to know what happened.”

If She Has Ever Been called The N-word

“Nobody in their right mind is going to call me the N-word. You know, you see those fools on Twitter sometime say ridiculous things. But nobody in their right mind is going to do that to my face, because true racism is being able to have power over somebody else. So that doesn’t happen to me that way.”

Can you imagine someone saying the n-word to Oprah’s face? With her magical powers, I can picture the poor sap disintegrating into a pile of dust. I wonder if Winfrey is at all interested in interviewing Paula in the future. Let’s just hope not in the near future.

Personally, I still think the beleaguered celebrity cook needs to hide out for several more months. Luckily for her, Paula agrees with my sentiment. She was wise enough to turn down Dancing With The Stars‘ offer to compete on the next season. That would’ve been a trainwreck for her. Hey everybody, I used the n-word, but now watch me do this amazing cha-cha. LOL. Priceless.

What do you think of Oprah’s thoughts on the Deen situation? More importantly, what do you think of her gorgeous cover? Sound off below.