Oprah Being Sued for Pieces of Her Soul…Oh AND $1 Trillion!!!


hOMG!!! Seriously!? Talk about Oprah’s BIG GIVEAWAY! That sounds like something a 6 year old would say, “Oh yeah, well I’m suing you for $1 Trillion,” right? Wrong. She really IS being sued for $1.2 Trillion because last year Oprah sold 650 million copies of a book called Pieces of My Soul and apparently the book used material from a book called A Tome of Poetry written by Damien Lloyd Goffe, which Oprah admitted to last year. The suit was filed in DC on July 31st. Maybe Oprah should have Suze Orman on her show to talk about how to repay her debt? Could the Big O be left with a BIG O in her bank account? The website that sold Oprah’s online book is no longer available and actually when I tried to go to it this morning, my computer said a virus was detected. Yikes.