This movie is not for everyone. First off, if you’re obsessed with Ryan Gosling (as I’m slowly finding out half the man-loving world is) then you’ll want to see him as severe and lean and sexy as ever in this. Second, if you love Asian revenge movies (plays really), then BAM this is up your alley. Third, if you liked the film Drive by director Nicolas Winding Refn then you’ll love this because it’s basically Drive 2, set in Bangkok… with an equally amazing and eerie sound track. Oh, fourth, if you like violence: watch this.

Set in modern day Thailand, this is a revenge film about family honour and drug lord crime. The two protagonists are both severely flawed as they attempt to restore peace to their respective homes. Ryan plays the brother of a murdered child rapist who is tasked by the incredible Kristin Scott Thomas (whom you will remember from Gosford Park Drop Dead Gorgeous but CERTAINLY not recognize) who acts as matriarch to this f-ed up family and who through horrendous guilt and near-incestual flirtation demands for retribution of her dead son. Ryan is pitted against a retired police officer who murders without shame the worst members of society in this vast asian city. There’s sword fights, massive gun shoot ups, beatings to death with bare hands and a lot of kinky sexy: if you’re into any of that, this movie is worth a look.

While I joke this movie is essentially Drive 2, if you watch both you’ll absolutely see the similar cinematic and styling theme that Refn uses in both. Opting for actions over words and beautiful, slow moving scenes rather than microsecond action shots, this is a paced but still very intense flick. A combination of Tarantino ferocity and David Lynchian symbolism and whimsy, Drive does a damn good job of grabbing your attention and not letting go until the very end. Almost Shakespearean in its tragedy, this movie and its characters seem all damned from the very opening scenes and essentially are as there proves to be no “good guy”, instead a lot of people acting how they see is right and killing each other along the way.

The trailer below is pretty epic but does well to give you an idea of the ambiance of the film. While there’s some money and big names backing this, I’ve found that not too too many people know about this movie so thought it would be a good time to thrust it into your lives and let you judge for yourselves! Oh, and seriously, Kristin Scott Thomas plays THE perfect female drug lord, insane mother bitch and you will love (and hate) every single moment she’s on camera. Give this woman more roles, please Hollywood! Enjoy and let me know below what you think.