One Direction Get Their First Gay Video Parody

There is no doubt that One Direction is taking over the tween music scene in both Europe and the US. Almost out of nowhere, the five boys from across the pond became household names with their debut singles What Makes You Beautiful and One Thing. It was only a matter of time before someone threw up on some preppy clothes and a few shaggy wigs to create a video parody. Ask and you shall receive.

Parody experts over at The Key of Awesome have put together a little parody video set to the boys hit song What Makes You Beautiful. The basic concept of the video is to poke fun at boy bands, how bad their music is and the funny actions they do in their music videos. My favorite part is when they chase the girl who was paid to be here down the beach and she bites the dust. Hard. Check out this hilarious video parody and tell us what you think of The Key of Awesome’s take on One Direction.

What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction Parody!