For this week’s Who’d You Rather feature, I thought I’d take a little break from usual hottie vs hottie and instead, have a true battle royale between two of the UK’s hottest boy bands right now. I’m talking about One Direction and The Wanted. Unfamiliar with either of these groups? Let me take this opportunity to fill you in.

One Direction consists of the following members: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. The boys auditioned for the UK’s The X Factor separately but open suggestion from Nicole Scherzinger they were put together as a group for the show. The blend was perfect and the boys came in third place during the seventh season. Immediately signing with Syco Records, a sub-division of Sony, the boys went to work on their debut album. Not only are they exploding in the UK but they are taking over the American teenage female market as well.

The Wanted consists of the following members: Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes. The Wanted were formed in 2009 after a big casting call held by Jayne Collins – the same woman who brought together UK sensations The Saturdays and Parade. The boys released their debut album in 2010 with the debut single All Time Low. Immediately, the boys skyrocketed into fame in Europe. The boys released their sophomore album, Battleground in the fall of last year which has already spawned four hit singles and videos.

You’ve heard about the boys but you can’t just judge them on description alone. I’ve provided a few photos and some of their music videos below for you to see and hear just these boys have to offer. Then, you can make your judgement on which one you’d rather… like to buy on iTunes.

One Direction

“What Makes You Beautiful”

This track was One Direction’s debut single after finishing in third place on UK’s The X Factor. After a good run in the UK, the boys debuted the track in the US on February 14 and garnered a whole new set of screaming female fans.

“Gotta Be You”

Gotta Be You was released as One Direction’s second single. The song was a nice way of showcasing the groups musical versatility. The group performed the track live for the first time on the UK’s The X Factor finale helping it peak at #3 in the UK.

“One Thing”

The boys from One Direction have been killing it in the UK with their official third single, One Thing. Released first all over Europe and last in the UK in February, the song has gone Gold in two countries and continues to impress new listeners.

“More Than This” Acoustic Performance

I think that the boys will release this song as their second official US single. The boys have been playing this track at every radio and live gig possible as they get their name out there state-side. This video showcases how well these boys can sing.

The Wanted

“Glad You Came”

Glad You Came served as The Wanted’s second single off of their sophomore album Battleground but became their debut US single just a few short months ago even having the track covered my the kids on Glee and performed it on Ellen.


One of my favorite tracks on the album, Lightning shows off the boys impecable vocal talent and the production team behind it that they were capable of pumping out hits. The same team brought us Glad You Came as well. I absolutely LOVE this video too.


Taking a chance to slow it down for their fourth single from the album, The Wanted chose Warzone, an edgy power ballad about the turmoils of the one you love cheating on you. The video below shows off the drama behind the lyrics.

“Lose My Mind” Acoustic Performance

This track appeared on the bands’ debut album and served as its third single. The acoustic version of the song is way shows off how well these boys can sing out of the studio and I love the spin they take on the track unplugged.

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