Simon Cowell isn’t the only one making bucket loads of money pimping out One Direction. Apparently, so are magazines. In the past few weeks, the laddies have popped up on several publications (British Vogue, Fabulous, Wonderland) with their adorable little mugs and stylish wardrobe. With their sophomore album hitting the streets next week, it only makes sense they go on an aggressive marketing push. Prep yourself for a 1D onslaught.

The latest glossy to score Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Niall for a photo shoot is Teen Vogue. Photographed by Boo George, the boy band looks as dapper as ever. Is it sad to say that I want a few of their pieces? I’m so glad boy bands have evolved from the NKOTB, BSB and ‘N Sync days where dressing in identical tacky stage clothes was the norm. Like their Fabulous gig, each member of the British group has their own cover, complete with an individual tagline. Try to guess which goes with each guy.

  • “We’re Not Too Clean-Cut”
  • “I Don’t Really Have A Backup Plan”
  • “We Are Often A Little Bit Mischievous”
  • “I’m Quite Old-Fashioned”
  • “We’re Normal Teenagers”

One Direction Teen Vogue Covers

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One Direction Teen Vogue Photo Shoot

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