Okay One Direction fans. Once again, you have proven that your love for these five boys is undying. Only two days ago, the boys revealed the title of their new single which is, Live While We’re Young. Don’t expect to be hearing the song anytime soon. According to their announcement, the track won’t drop until October with a new album due out this coming November. But there was a plus side- the song is now available for pre-order on iTunes. The fans responded and now, 1D has made presale history with the music website despite Sony not releasing pre-order details.

If you check the facts, Live While We’re Young is already #1 in 40 countries on iTunes including the US and the UK. Not bad considering the EP featuring a few remixes of the track (including Homorazzi friend and favorite Dave Aude) won’t actually be released until October 1. The track was penned by Savan Kotecha, Rami Yacoub, and Carl Falk who also wrote their smash debut, What Makes You Beautiful. Sounds like this track is destined to be another bonafide hit.

24 hours after the boys broke the news, they quickly headed to Kent to film the music video for the single. Does this mean we could be seeing AND hearing the song prior to it’s official iTunes release? Here’s hoping. Sources say a field in Kent was transformed into a fun house with pools and slides galore. The boys were chased around by female companions with water pistols and ultimately, ended up getting soaked in a pool. Nhiles goes shirtless while the rest of the boys opt for the wet t-shirt contest look. See the boys’ video announcement for the single and a behind-the-scenes shot from the video below. Are you excited for Live While We’re Young?

One Direction New Single Announcement