One Direction Debut Campy & Cute ‘Live While We’re Young’ Music Video

After so much anticipation, the boys of One Direction have finally unleashed their new single upon us. The track titled “Live While We’re Young” is a pretty loaded title with the premise of it being an anthem. With the help of their former hit-making collaborators, did the group live up to the hype? I have to admit after my first listen I didn’t think so. Having re-watched the video and listened to the track some more, I have to say the song has totally grown on me. The boys sing out in the chorus:

“Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy, till we see the sun
I know we only met but let’s pretend it’s love
And never, never, never stop for anyone
Tonight let’s get some, and live while we’re young.”

One thing I noticed right off the bat was the borrowed opening guitar riff from The Clash’s iconic hit, “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”. Hmm, does a borrowed opening guitar riff formula sound familiar? The song continues along nicely following the same patterns of their previous hits “What Makes you Beautiful” and “One Thing”. The video is campy and crazy like you’d expect with the boys on a fun camping trip with a ton of friends. The boys ultimately end up in a pool where they splash around with a shirtless Niall. Cue the plethora of screaming girls. Check out their newest track and video below and tell us, do they boys have another hit single on their hands?

One Direction “Live While We’re Young” Music Video