A Video Montage Of One Direction’s Many Homoerotic Moments

As you probably already know, boy bands are back (namely One Direction and The Wanted) and they’ve been capturing the attention of girls…and boys everywhere.

The boys from One Direction have been described as having a very close bromance and they’re not hiding it at all. In fact, they talk about marrying each other, how handsome their bandmates are, which one they’d have as their boyfriend, and more in interviews. There have also been pictures of them kissing, grabbing each other’s butts and crotches.

Someone took the time to compile all of these clips together into one montage video and I’m sharing it for your viewing pleasure below. I love how comfortable they are with their sexuality and with each other that they aren’t afraid to show affection. I seriously couldn’t look away when I was watching the video.

  • Jay

    Louis is one lucky guy lol…. all of them wants him.

    I think they’re borrowing a page from the Korean boy band’s playbook with the homoerotic moments because they know it gets the girls’ attention.

  • Rob

    One of them looks exactly like Tabatha

  • Marco

    I love them so much, like, no joke and I LOVE this video!

  • Res

    They all want Louis cuz he is CLEARLY the fag and definitely the most girlish in their eyes. Lance Bass 2.0. Get your tissues girls; Albeit, there is more than one fag in this group.

  • Res

    And is it just me or does Louis look like Zack Mcfarlan?

  • Nicha

    i don’t know what others think
    but i think they are so freaking adorable
    like for real

  • I DIED

  • Chino Copuyoc

    this is so cute i don’t think theyre gay though

  • Robert

    Ultimately, One Direction will be remembered not for their music but for how they positively impacted how the general population views sexuality and affection between males. The band’s last two videos have contained no women because their (largely) female fan base wants to see the band members interact with one another, not stand-ins for themselves. The fans love the love between the singers. Whether, they see the homoerotic play as harmless expressions of fondness or as a deeper longing, they are comfortable with that…and they tell their boyfriends and parents that they are comfortable with it. One Direction will probably prompt more healthy discussions among age peers about the boundaries of sexuality and affection than any other musical act ever. They are sexually post-modern, to be sure.