One Direction & Christina Aguilera First Week Number Estimates

Christina Aguilera’s seventh studio album Lotus is out and receiving better reviews than Bionic, but will that translate to album sales? Bionic was considered a commercial debacle and sold only 110,000 copies out of the gate. Since X-Tina is much more visible now thanks to her weekly stint on The Voice, she has a better platform to launch a new album. Just look at her co-judge Adam Levine who currently has the longest-running single of 2012.

Before I get to Christina’s numbers, I wanted to chat briefly about One Direction. The British boy band sensation also released a new album this week. In fact, it’s their second one of 2012. According to Hits Daily Double (which is pretty spot on usually), Take Me Home is on track to move 525,000 to 575,000 making it a sure thing to land No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart next week. Clearly, X-Tina isn’t going to match that number but will Lotus bloom for Auggie? Find out below.

Things don’t look like they’ll come out smelling of roses for the 31-year-old chanteuse. According to the site, Lotus is on track to move only 75,000 to 80,000 copies. OUCH. That’s got to be a disappointing number for Aguilera’s camp. To put it into perspective. The Twilight Saga’s latest soundtrack should bite off 85,000 to 90,000. Little known Canadian rapper The Weeknd is projected to move 95,000 to 100,000 and he has nowhere the star wattage as the “Your Body” singer. Even former 90s grunge legend Soundgarden is set to move 70,000 to 75,000. Given X-Tina’s visibility, her projections are certainly cause for worry.

So, what exactly is the problem? While not considered her best work, Lotus is receiving positive feedback from critics and fans. Some cite Aguilera’s somewhat unlikeable personality as the reason. During interviews, she doesn’t come off very relatable. Entertainment weekly suggests she has “too much cultural baggage” as the reason why. Whatever it is, people seem to be tired of Christina.

What do you think is the reason for Christina’s low first week numbers? Can she rebound from this? Does she have a track on her album that might win people over like “Beautiful“? Did you purchase Lotus? Sound off below.

  • EvChemical

    I personally think she tries too hard to make each album “different”. Her first album was bubblegum pop, Stripped explored more R&B vibes, Back to Basics was retro-inspired, Bionic was dance/electronic, and I don’t even know what to call Lotus other than boring.

    I understand experimenting with sound for a song, but when she does it by album, its almost like its another artist. and I agree, people (myself included) are getting sick of it.

  • Josh

    It’s probably because the singles off the album are all crap. Just like Madonna her team assumed an album would sell like hotcakes no matter the quality and now they’re finding out thats not the case

  • Homegirl No5

    Christina hasn’t had a consistent album since her debut. That’s why it’s her only album to score more than one top 10 hit. It’s been almost 15 years. I’m shocked her team hasn’t noticed this. I’m even more shocked that she’s still semi-relevant.

  • Homegirl No5

    Why do I get the feeling that once The Voice gives Christina a “break” next season, they won’t actually be calling her to come back?

  • SIMM
  • E#TN

    She needs to do something BIG to make a come back. Like a 10 minute video clip that goes viral and is just really out of this world. She’s still a bit too 90’s…. even though I dig the music.

  • justin

    album sales have been going down since her last release and she didnt have a hit single off the album yet. visibility doesnt mean album sales she doesnt have that fan base like the other artists out there and people always say something negative about her no matter what she does. well just have to see how the album sells overall since first week numbers are not the only factor to an album’s success.

  • Matt

    I don’t understand why she isn’t doing well on the chart.

  • Doug

    Its the personality. She gets cockier as the years pass and ironically she becomes less successful over time as well. Her attitude turns people off.

  • JMC

    Not enough promo, needed a second single release by now and to be real she needed to slim down. This is mainstream pop, she’s gotta be bangin’ if she wants little girls and gays to be watching her on youtube trying to copy her moves.

    I think longterm the album will do alright figures once she releases a couple more singles and people notice this as a fun pop record.

  • EvChemical

    ^ I don’t agree about weight being a factor. I honestly think everyone needs the think about what they’re saying when they say that. You’re publicly admitting that you cannot conceivably look past her image to see value and worth in people. (not directed at you, you just happened to say it now).

    I do agree about promo, I didn’t know when the album was coming out. I found the leak by accident looking for something else all together. Though I don’t know how they would promote this. At least Bionic had “singles” on it…they just weren’t chosen for some reason…

  • Benshorts

    No promotion what so ever! Yourbody was an average song. Not a strong first since, and she did not perform the song ONCE as a single, SNL? Late night shows? Day time shows? Nothing…. 2. Sadly I say this because I’m a HUGE true fan of hers, she has the pipes to be great. But, creatively she’s not the best dessition maker. She needs a team to do that for her. She’s a great singer and song writer. Stick to that and let your team do everything else. #sadfighter

  • Helio

    Well first of all the same site that made that projection 1 (!!) day after the release, the day after already was saying that Lotus would sell 125k… like almost the double… I don’t know based on what they do this projections but anyway… then if the album doesnt sell well its totally the fault of RCA and Xtina’s too… the first single Your body was released September 17th and so far there was NOT ONE live performance of the same… anywhere! 0 promotion for the first single or for the album… we got 1 performance at the Voice the day of the release (not even a single just a song that features Ceelo which is also on the show) and thats the promo so far that they made fior the album… the first single still nothing… and it keeps sinking on the hot 100… Then seriously I think the voice is more of a go back on her career than something good… she’s wasting lots of time with those wannabe stars and nor dedicating her time to herself or her career… so i suppose all these might be the reason for a very nice album as Lotus not to sell so well… she will perform a medley of songs from the new album on sunday at the Amas… it might make some efect on sales lets see… and the second single has been announced too… Just a fool feat blake shelton which seems to be catching some attention without any promo or so… was already #14 on itunes… wait to see anyway what happens… but Lotus is quite a good album… there’s songs for every taste and genre… and she already deserves to be recognised and have more sucess than those rihannas gagas keshas and other ‘little’ singers arround…

  • Ryan

    Simply said I think she is trying to overcompensate in a very underwhelming way. I think she tries too hard to prove herself and because she is so wrapped up in herself, she probably wasn’t too open to advice others were giving her while developing Lotus. She collaborated with a lot of heavyweights yet came out just “ok” which tells me that some sort of conflict happened with their energy and Aguilera’s. The concentration of talent ultimately resulted in a good product, but I think there was potential for much more. And yeah…as a huge Aguilera fan prior to The Voice, I’ve been really disappointed with how she has come off. Conversely, Britney Spears has really shined on The X Factor.

  • hamoboy

    I dunno what you are talking about, but watching Britney and Christina on their respective shows puts Christina in a much better light. She knows what she’s talking about, she gives good advice to her singers, and no matter how bored or uninterested she seems at times, she seems to genuinely care for her singers. It says a lot about patriarchal and sexist expectations that America needs a woman in public to be always bubbly and effervescent or else she’s a “bitch”.

  • DouggSeven

    When she does her cocky ‘ha’ and a few other mannerisms with her voice when she sings – she sounds like she’s too good for her own songs – as if she’s too talented for her own material. Listen to them – it’s damn annoying.

  • RobbieJ

    Lotus is a great album…I loved Bionic too… no matter what the girl does she feels the wrath. I think Lotus was totally for her fans and I’m sure it will prove itself in the long run. The music industry is a mess, the fact that Rihanna pumps out 7 albums in 7 years…now COME On? how much effort goes into those albums…they will be forgotten – just like most of the pop tarts.. Xtina will be pumping her chords for many moons… I love her inner bitch.. she seems real..its like we all think we’re so nice and perfect.. Keep on singing that song grrrl…

  • Cory

    Well……….. I love me some Christina, but i think the issue is, she dont sang like she us to, think about it, when she first came out, she would sang the roof off, take you up, down, around and back again (some might say over sing). She still has a great voice, i think she just need better song, so she can go back to singing the roof off…… But im a fan for life.

  • Bryant

    Honestly, I got done listening to the resord due to positive feedback and ended up buying the record for how goo it was. I feel true talent and hardwork deserves success. Cockiness? Really people! Nicki, rihanna all these no talent girls have sucess and have the diva persona packed in everything they do. Its really all PROMOTING! She hasn’t really promosted it. Rihanna’s or Nicki’s albums are out tomorrow and they promotion it up the butt!! That’s all it is, unless your some cliche boy band (One Direction) that already have 5-13 year old girls following your every move. She hasn’t really done any interviews, 1 performance on The Voice the DAY of its release, not even the day before, and peforming at the AMA’s after its already released.. Ik why it has not been promoted properly but I do give this album 5 stars regardless. And I recommend, if you DO NOT have the album or have a more valid point, its best you don’t post your opinion cause you sound like an idiot. XXXO

  • Danny

    @DouggSeven – How does that sound cocky or too good for her songs? Everyone sings differently, and she always uses those “ha” and “say” shouts in her performances and studio recordings for years now. That’s not being cocky, that’s being an artist. It’s her method.

  • Danny

    I think they totally screwed up the promotion. Many people said the promotion for Bionic wasn’t good but looking back at that, we’d be so lucky to have it now. Your Body got a video preview on The Voice, a video on youtube, and a performance on Fallon with staplers. That’s it! What kind of promotion is that? She did a few other appearances, mostly for The Voice, and only one actual performance on Tuesday to a song that wasn’t even a single. I hope that the AMA’s will help the album sales and that Just a Fool does good when it comes out. I think the album can do pretty good in the long run if her label gives her a chance after the crappy promotion they’ve given her.

  • Homegirl No5

    Christina is on primetime television 3 nights a week, gigantic banner ads and billboards for her album are everywhere, and her album is deeply discounted everywhere it’s sold. The real reason the public isn’t buying her album, is because they want to see MORE Christina! She isn’t selling because she is so popular that the public was starstruck and overwhelmed!

  • JettaJameson

    There has been ZERO promotion. Christina has a Twitter account and barely says a word about it. Lotus is also a very mediocre album. It has some good songs, but overall leaves much to be desired. If she wants to kick-start the album sales, the next single has to be Let There Be Love and the video has to be flawless, and she needs to perform it places as solely the music act, no interviews. Let’s face it, Christina’s personality is off-putting. There’s nothing likable about her. She comes off as cocky. People like a little humility and genuine likability in their stars. Hence Britney’s continued success while Christina has always lingered in her shadow. Christina also needs to work with better producers. She’s never ahead of the game or groundbreaking when it comes to her music. She always seems like she’s arriving late to the party. This is another area Britney always seems to excel in. I pretty much credit Britney with the dubstep explosion we’re currently witnessing. Hold It Against Me was the definition of groundbreaking. Basically, Christina needs to take a few cues from Britney if she hopes to stay relevant in the music industry. I haven’t enjoyed a Christina album since Stripped, and that makes me sad because I know she’s capable of SO much more.

  • J ram

    You people saying Bad shit about her music are full of shit. You are not pros I’d love to see one of you mofos do what she does and then you talk. Sorry she’s not making teeny boppers music or all auto tuned shit Like everyone else. Maybe she does need to do do what every other Non talented “artists” are doing and she will sell CDs like hot cakes. I say enjoy it or get he F out and stop being So damn judgmental and calling her a bitch.

  • annita

    i have lotus and i love it the album is amazing and no matter what people say to bring xtina down..well who cares right? go xtina!!!