Last week I shared ABC’s plans to create a Once Upon a Time spinoff. Titled Once: Wonderland, the show will follow Alice’s adventures. Unlike a traditional spinoff, this project will be more in the vein of American Horror Story. It won’t be an “another five-year, 22-episode series”, but rather have “a beginning, middle, and end,” revealed executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

Aussie actress Sophie Lowe was previously announced to tackle the role of Alice. That latest actor to join her on the OUAT spinoff is Paul Reubens. The 60-year-old actor is best known for playing Pee Wee Herman. Find out what role he’s playing on the new show below.

If you guessed the White Rabbit, then you get a gold star. Reubens won’t appear onscreen though, but rather voice the animated character. Oh well, at least he’s getting a pay cheque.

Will there be any crossovers from any OUAT actors? Though nothing is confirmed, rumors are swirling that Sebastian Stan and Barbara Hersey will reprise their roles of the Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts respectively on the spinoff. Personally, I’d like to see at least Stan back. Have you seen those pictures of him shirtless on Broadway. YUM.

Do you think Reubens is a good choice for the role? Would you rather see him dressed up in a rabbit costume instead of seeing a CG creation? Sound off below.