Two More Disney Princesses Heading To “Once Upon A Time”

Watch out Storybrook, there are two new princesses heading your way. The show already upgraded Emilie de Ravin’s Belle to full-time status for Season 2. Now, two of Belle’s Disney compatriots are joining her on “Once Upon A Time“. The ABC hit series just announced fan favorites Mulan and Sleeping Beauty are being added to the list of fairy characters.

Mulan originated from an ancient Chinese poem before adapted into the 1998 hit animated musical starring Ming-Na as the titular character and Eddie Murphy. Not sure how Mulan will fit into the current storyline, but her character is being described as having “a spirituality that enhances her tactical and strategic abilities. She has suffered past betrayals, so her trust is hard-won, but once she gives her oath of friendship her loyalty knows no boundaries.” Also, “when she falls in love, she falls hard.” Find out who’s playing Mulan and Sleeping Beauty after the jump.

Hangover Part II” and “Sucker Punch” actress Jamie Chung has been cast to play Chinese fighter Mulan. Who says you can’t parlay a season of partying on “The Real World” into a successful acting career. Chung first appeared on “The Real World: San Diego“- the 14th season of the venerable MTV reality show. Jamie is actually of Korean descent and I wonder if casting her to play a Chinese warrior will irk some people. Personally, I think she’s perfect for the role. Chung’s Mulan will be on the show on a recurring basis.

Playing the role of Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty will be Sarah Bolger. The actress is probably best known for her role on “The Tudors“. Like Mulan, her role will also be a recurring one. The “Once Upon A Time” version of Aurora is described a spoiled girl from a privileged background who’s willing to “sacrifice everything for love.” The best part of this casting development, IMHO, is it opens the door for Maleficent to return. As you recall, the evil witch was played by Kristin Bauer van Straten. I just adore the “True Blood” actress and welcome her return to the show. She was definitely underutilized during the first season.

What do you think of these two new additions? Are you excited for the show’s return this fall? What other characters do you think the show should add for Season 2? Sound off below.

  • Steve-O

    Nothing against Chung, but not a fan of bringing in Mulan, the legend of Mulan doesn’t really fall into the realm of fairytales, and think its now going to turn OUAT into nothing more than a Disney vehicle.

    If they really wanted to bring in a Chinese element they have a lot more better options to draw from in actual Chinese fairytales.

  • Justin

    they can probably use the mulan storyline to show different lands that existed in the fairy tale land. there could be different kingdoms so maybe they can use it as a jumping off point to introduce other characters from different fairy tales.

  • Steven

    I love Mulan and Chung. I’m so excited. Plus, I trust the writers of the show, they know what theyre doing.

  • Amy

    @Steve-O You’re right, the story of Mulan doesn’t have something of a fairytale. There’s only the dragon thing that is out of reality. A pity ’cause there are plenty of heartbreaking, lovely chinese fairytales that would be amazing if played at screen in modern days.