Yes, that’s right… SEASON 2! Things are looking good for the hit ABC show, “Once Upon A Time“. The fact that they are casting for season two means full steam ahead for this modern day take on the world of fairy tales. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to defend this show among other Homorazzi cast members. You just have to give it a chance and commit to watching it, otherwise it may not make much sense.

A little mini-spoiler for next season is that someone has been cast as the Evil Queen’s mom already. Well, her mother with a bit of a twist (whatever that means).

Find out who they’ve cast below. HINT: She played a mother in an Academy Award winning movie last year…

The Evil Queen’s mother is going to be Barbara Hershey. The resemblance is incredible and I think it’s a fantastic choice. I’m sure will see where the Evil Queen learned her evil ways. If you recall, Hershey played Natalie Portman’s mother in Black Swan and was a woman you didn’t really want to mess with.