There are many great new tv shows that premiered this fall, but one of my favorites has to be ‘Once Upon A Time‘. The stories, the characters, the actors – it’s all done really well. Today, I’m excited to learn that they’ve cast someone as Ariel from the tale of the The Little Mermaid. Sidenote: I wouldn’t have expected this particular story/character to be included in the show.

At the AMAs, E! News was interviewing Jennifer Morrison and asking her about the show. In the interview, Morrison talked about who she’d like to see cast in the show and who she knew was being courted for the show. When Morrison mention a particular person that they show is after, E! News put two and two together. Hint: It’s not Lady Gaga.

Morrison told E! that Once Upon A Time is apparently after Joanna Garcia, , as they think she’d be great on the show. E! had already heard that they were trying to work in “Ariel” as a character in the show so chances are, they are correct that they want her to play Ariel. You know the sexy Joanna Garcia from ‘Better With You,’ ‘Gossip Girl,’ among other hit shows. Now, she may be adding OUAT to her resume. I think she’d make a GREAT Ariel! She’s gorgeous!

Morrison also added, “I would love for Rose Byrne to be on the show at some point,” she tells us. “I feel like she’d be an amazing, amazing fairy-tale character.” Ooh, good call!

What do you think of Joanna Garcia playing “Ariel” on Once Upon A Time?