Man Crush: Omari Hardwick

Sparkle” may not have been as amazing as “Dreamgirls“, but it did leave me with one hot lasting impression. The second I walked out of the theater, I knew immediately Omari Hardwick would be my latest Man Crush. This 38-year-old actor oozed manly sexiness every time he appeared on the screen. How anyone could throw him to the curb is absolute craziness? Have you seen those muscles hiding underneath that shirt in the picture above? Watch “Sparkle” and you’ll see Jordin Sparks’ on-screen big sister make this grave mistake.

Hardwick was born in Savannah, Georgia on January 9, 1974. Prior to appearing in Whitney Houston’s last film, the actor starred in Spike Lee’s “Miracle at St. Anna”, “The A-Team” remake with Bradley Cooper and Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls“. Omar has also worked on the small screen on such shows as “CSI: Miami” and NBC’s “Chase“.

You’d be surprised to know he’s an accomplished poet. In 2003 and 2004, he placed in the top five at the National Poetry Slam. Given that muscular frame of his, it’s no shocker he’s a natural athlete. He played football in high school, college and even briefly for the San Diego Chargers. Sadly, a knee injury cut his professional NFL career short. A philantrophist, he supports youth-violence prevention and anti-bullying organizations. Get to know this stud more in pictures below.

Hats off to his hotness.

Massaging that sexy chest of his.

S&M anyone? Is he like Rihanna, and do whips and chains excite him?

Dayum, those are some sexy lips. I can think of a couple of things they could moisten 😉

That’s practically a novel inked on his arm. Who doesn’t love bedtime reading material?

A little side boobage to go along with that sexy back of his.

I wonder what he’s thinking of here. Whatever it is, I’d like two tickets to the show.

Looking good in hats.

Giving some Zoolander “blue steel”.

BAM. This is how Stella should’ve gotten her groove back, along with a side of Taye Diggs.

  • Steve-O

    I wonder if he has a nice Hard Wick ;-p

  • jis89

    Stunning guy. @Steve-O I guess so haha 😉

  • Jayson

    Finally…a man of color makes it to your list! LOL! I know you have had before but not as frequent…as a man of color myself …I love reading your blog…but always a bit sadden by the lack of men of color and what you judge as HOT GUYS!

  • Dbrewer75

    This man is FINE!

  • was he not the bisexual husband of the Janet Jackson Character(RED) in For Coloured Girls? Yes, he was! Wish we had seen some of that M2M action with him innit.
    I agree that its nice to see a man of colour in your man crush, for a change. Lets spread the love to all ethnic groups always. Its too easy to crush on a caucasian, they are all over the media. Good Work as always

  • Diora Couture

    FINALLY…a man of colour!!!! and, no, the light skinned portuguese or brazilians or cubans that you have don’t count for me…. but, thankfully for me i don’t come on this blog several times a day to check out the men….i come for the content, which is amazing. Keep up the great work, all of you! but, please consider expanding your taste in men to include the darker coloured variety. I mean, just last week you had a posting about who i would rather, and they both looked like two light-skinned fairies to me…the choice was neither! how can i pick which one would i rather, if the choices are the same?

  • Belladonna

    I wonder if you’ll more hot sexy men of color not that you see people on this site really like diversity! P.s He is so damn sexy Oh My Goddddd! And I love that you posted a lot of