Side Dish: Olympics, American Idol, & Heidi Montag’s Surgeries


In this episode of Side Dish, we’ve got host Jonny, along with Patrick, Redd, and Tommy, discussing the upcoming Vancouver Olympics, American Idol, Heidi Montag’s Surgeries, and more. The four of us congregate in Jonny’s kitchen once again to discuss some of the hot topics of the day.

The Olympics are nine days away now and we discuss what some of our plans are for the celebrations and sporting events that are heading our way. And, there have been several guest judges this season on American Idol. Find out what we think about these Idol visitors. What is your opinion on these judges? Lastly, Heidi Montag….(unless she’s changed her name, along with every other physical feature on her body).. does she look good or not? How far is too far?

Oh, and why does Jonny’s dog have a blue stripe?! Find out in this episode of Side Dish!

  • Jared

    Haha, Tommy is so eccentric, Patrick is so shy, Redd bursts out in big laughter, and Jonny… Well I listen to him all the time so he’s just Jonny lol

  • I like that.
    The Eccentric one. Maybe I’ll change it from the shameless one.

  • Jared

    Haha you should! I think it suits you way more in a good way.

  • You hear the Donova! Change it to the Eccentric One as opposed to the shameless one. The fan has spoken.

  • Reddishot

    More more more. I don’t know why but I like Sidedishes. I feel a bit creepy watching strangers talk, I don’t care I still like it.

  • bruin

    loveee tacos. the blue streak is dope