Scotty Lago: Olympic Snowboarder Banished From The Vancouver 2010 Games


If you won a gold medal, what would you do? Like most people, I think I would partake in a night of partying and drinking. Well that’s exactly what US Olympic snowboarder Scotty Lago did after becoming a bronze medalist. What ensued afterward was an impromptu photo shoot involving a fan, paparazzi, a bronze medal and some sexy abs.

When the the pictures hit the internet, they spread like wildfire and prompted Scotty to formally apologize for his lapse in judgment to the USA and the US Olympic committee. Apparently the apology was too little, too late. According to reports, he was given the option to either quietly voluntary leave or run the risk of being formally ejected.

Now back in New Hampshire, he is officially in a blackout period where he can’t say anything else about the incident til March 3rd. Personally, I don’t see what the whole hoopla is all about. Yes, Olympic medals are coveted but they are far from holy or blessed objects. And if they were, the fan was merely “worshiping” it, in her own special way.


Do you think the US Olympic committee overacted to the situation? Do you think they are still reeling from Michael Phelp’s bong incident? In my opinion, the only thing offensive about the pictures is that more skin isn’t shown and that I’m not the fan giving medal head. That chick is one lucky beyotch.

  • The Olympic Committee needs take the sticks up their arses out… I don’t find anything offensive with what he did. If he got into a fight and was arrested maybe. But this is all innocent fun and the guy was celebrating.

  • Jared

    I agree with having to apologize, though having to leave may be a stretch. You have to understand that this isn’t about coveting the Olympic medals. The Olympics is a place for high standards and where the world’s best athletes compete at a professional level. That happens to mean acting professional at all times during the games even if you’re not currently competing. Just like when you used to go on school field trips and left school grounds, or if you’re on a business trip and exploring the sites outside of work hours, you’re representing something other than yourself and it’s your responsibility to make sure you upkeep a professional image.

    If this issue was just about tarnishing Lago’s own reputation, then it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But he’s representing his nation at these Olympics. And though there are some people who are more sexually explicit or liberal in public, the majority of the world is not at that point yet, and probably never will be when it comes to situations of such high standards such as the Olympic.

  • You’re kidding?
    The medal is his- he won it with his hard work and can do whatever the hell he wants with it. Just because he might have received money from the US doesn’t means he’s owned by them. Unless he signed some “good behaviour” clause, he’s a free man. It’s not like he’d have to pay the money he received in training if he’d not earned a medal!!
    Plus, the guy’s a frickin’ snowboarder, they’re party boys by nature, what do you expect?
    Oh Olympics, what else will you blow next? (no pun intended)

  • Jamey

    At least he’s gettin laid after the games.

    I wonder what Fulong was doin that night with his 6 pack abs?

  • Jared

    It really doesn’t matter whether the guy is a snowboarder or not. There’s an expected standard of behaviour in general when you’re involved in an event like this. Athletes go into the games understanding that the games are more than themselves. Guys like Lago need to understand this and acknowledge the fact that the medal win – though he did win it with his own athleticism – represents more than what he did. People like him think too much of themselves and not enough on the bigger picture. At least he apologized.