Olly Murs Is One Sexy ‘Troublemaker’ In New Music Video With Flo Rida

Earlier this month, Olly Murs debuted his newest single alongside Flo Rida titled, Troublemaker. The radio friendly pop track definitely has some elements of old school Maroon 5 and their Songs About Jane album. The Flo Rida verse is simply just an unnecessary addition. I hope a version sans the rapper gets released as well.

In the music video, Olly continues to accidentally run into his female lead at a variety of different locations in which she is employed, but not for long. She continually messes up at each job by spilling drinks, toppling mannequins over or ignoring customers. All the while, Olly continues to look handsome and charming and rescues her form her last employer. Check out the new music video below.

Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida, “Troublemaker”