If you read last week’s Model Behavior post, you’re aware I’m selecting models based on my current Europe 2011 vacay. Even though I’m still in Italy today, I’m heading off to Jolly ol’ England tomorrow so I’m picking a British bloke for this week’s Model Behavior feature. Meet Ollie Edwards. I couldn’t have picked a better dude to represent the UK. Currently, this in-demand model is in the Top 25 of Models.com male rankings. That’s kinda of a big deal.

His sexy combination of killer bad boy features meets boy next door looks make him a favorite for fashion editorials and ad campaigns. It’s hard to believe he only reluctantly started to model after being persuaded to give it a try. Ollie was a professional racing motorcyclist before posing in front of the camera. His flawless skin and perfectly plump lips quickly captured the eyes of many within the fashion industry. In his relatively short career, he’s already worked with some of the big guns including Polo Ralph Lauren, Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Trussardi, Y3 and many more.

While he’s known for his perfect bone structure, Ollie is also known for an imperfection he has. The Brit has a rather huge scar across his stomach. At four-years old, he injured himself while having fun on a slip-and-slide. He went over a chipped stone which sliced up his stomach. Showing off his sense of humor, Edwards often jokes he received the scar via a Samurai sword. He states it’s cooler to tell that story than that of his childhood mishap. Check out Ollie’s scar, lips, flawless skin and every part of his body below. Stay tuned for next week’s Model Behavior and see where I end up in Europe.

Ollie Edwards Model Stats

Height: 6’2″
Waist: 30
Suit: 48
Shoe: 10.5
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue

Love the use of shadows and light in these two pics.

As mentioned before, Ollie is equally as known for his stomach scar as he is for his good looks.

No wonder he’s in demand. Any clothing on him looks fantastic. I want everything he’s wearing. That’s just my way of saying, “take it all off” and show me what your mama gave you.

He looks ready to watch a game at Wimbledon or a weekend in the English countryside. Perhaps I can be his plus one.

A couple of polaroids taken at his agency. Give this guy a couple of more years and he’ll be absolutely breathtaking.

Look. Someone won a trophy for being so hot.

Hilfiger pimping him out to sell $79.95 Polo Pique Shirts. LOL.

I love his slightly downturn lips.

There’s a lot of print going on up there.

Is it me, but is his scar sorta hot? Maybe I’ve been looking at it too much.

Looking very British in his tweed suits.

Strike a pose.

I love that he’s so secure with himself, that his huge scar doesn’t prevent him from going shirtless.

That’s probably the most heinous jacket I’ve seen in a while.