Olivia Newton-John Teams Up With Daughter Chloe For Xanadu Classic


Magic” was a chart-topper for Olivia Newton-John in 1980. For the 35th anniversary of the film Xanadu that spawned the single, the 66-year-old singer teams up with her daughter for a new club-ready version produced by Dave Aude.

Chloe Rose Lattanzi her only daughter with first husband Matt Lattanzi is the star of the new recording. The 29-year-old saunters through Las Vegas’ neon graveyard, hits the club with Chippendale dancers and hangs out with drag queens for the accompanying visual. Check it out below.

Olivia Newton-John & Chloe Lattanzi ‘Magic’ Dave Aude Music Video

  • Cordy

    I love Hilary Duff so i am very glad to see her make a return to the scene. I wish her all the best and will definitely tune in ahahha

  • Michele Adams

    Chloe Lattanzi….Sorry but she looks more like a porn star!

  • Maria Redecker

    Wonderful Video! Perfect harmony with their both brilliant voices and the pictures!!! Great Performance. Fantastic Chloe and Olivia. Chloe is a great talent and amazing like her mother. Love the video so much, love them both so much Bought the video on iTunes. So happy to see it again and again.

  • guest

    Sorry Olivia, your daughter looked beautiful before. She looks fake and like she is auditioning for a porn movie. Did not like the song, loved the original. You made a mockery of it.

  • Hoey Joey

    I have to agree I loved the other remix with Magic with Chloe and her mother Chloe looks fake she was beautiful before the contacts the lips and the boobs are awful. Love both of them but this just looks like sin and sellout. Go back to who you were both of you I mean it!!!!!!

  • Jason Paul

    I love Xanadu, but no.

  • Mandy Boss

    Definately No, Olivia, will always have it, her daughter no…are those eyes really that colour, i hope not…

  • Andrew Tilly

    I have followed Olivia since I was a boy of 10 back in 1978 and she is fabulous and still is but what is all this porn star stuff that Chloe is trying to emulate? It does not suit her and looks like it will affect her mother. Scrap the makeup and the false contacts and if you can get a refund on those Mick Jagger lips then we might be getting somewhere. I hate putting this negative feedback on because I have so much admiration for her mother. Please try again.

  • rick morris

    I loved Lt hot hot liv n Chloe show

  • Mary Jo

    what in the world .. is this ????? Like day and night .. Mother and daughter … no connection in this video what so ever !!! Porn and beautiful simplicity!!! Olivia .. you are destroying ur beauty !!!

  • Mary Jo

    Daughter is beautiful… what is she trying to do … with the nakedness and eyes and oh my goodness the lips .. her words arent coming out right ..because of the ridiculous lips